[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Me chamo Benicio
Sou Físico e Engenheiro, trabalho nas Escolas tecnológicas do Estado do Pará - Brasil (Amazônia Ocidental) e estou muito entusiasmado com as possibilidades de aprendizado colaborativo desta rede.


My name is Barbara, I live in Brazil in the city of São Paulo. I work in a public school, I teach computer science, Italian and Portuguese. I’m 31 years and I still need to learn a lot!



Hi. My name is Miho Fukuda from Tokyo.
I also could not keep catching up for the round 1 and I decided to try for the 2nd one :blush:
I am working as Admin person in the educational organization with mission of “connecting the world with Global Citizenship”.
I am looking forward to interacting with you all through this course :smiley:


Hi My Name is Wilber, I’m an education technician assistant, I work with Food and Nutrition Education


Hi, my name is Aline and I’m from Florianópolis, Brazil.
Since last year I work with Microbit at fundamental schools and this universe is new for me.
I have a lot of experience in high degree education and I’m in love for creative learning.
I hope learn a lot here!!! :slight_smile:


What’s up guys. My name is Taylor. I am a senior studying Elementary Education. This is my first time on scratch and I’m super excited!


Hello everybody, I am an architect and design researcher from Brazil. I am interested in study creative processes and child education.


Hi everyone!!
I’m Javier, I teach techonology in a secondary school and write books and perform shows for science divulgation, also collaborate occasionally in media.
Here I wrote a document for mblock (one of Scratch sons) in case you find it useul

I hope get deeper in Scratch, this wonderful tool, also hope have time enough to get to the end of the course and make some friends among you.
Contact me if there is anything you consider I might be helpful.



I’m Erin and the mom of 2 boys, “retired” NASA engineer. I am hoping to pick up info to teach my boys and have more fun learning robotics and coding at home.

Grateful to see round 2 because all of the round 1 emails are still saved in a folder to try to get back to but hopefully I can keep up this time instead!

:rocket: Erin


Hello Creative Learners!

My name is TJ, and I work at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah. I learned about LCL during a visit to the Media Lab last November. I loosely followed LCL last round but did not participate.

My work involves creating access to 3D printing and scanning for a huge pool of users (everyone on campus can use our services). We’re also circulating virtual reality technology, so I end up doing a bit of work with content creators as well as those looking to get into digital manufacturing. I’m excited to contribute to this round of LCL.



Hi, I’m an elementary tech integrator and teacher located in Olney, MD. I’m looking forward to this course and growing my network of online professionals.


Hi Everyone! My name is Shriya and I live in San Francisco. I’m a UX Engineer at Glidr working on User Research, Wireframes, and Front-End Engineering with React. I am passionate about the future of education, personal development and building self-awareness, unlocking human potential, creative confidence, artificial intelligence, and learning.

I was co-director of Spectra, an all-women’s hackathon, in 2016. I completed a B.S. in Computer Science at Tufts University in 2015, and founded an organization for young women who wanted to start startups called The Violet Society in 2013. I completed General Assembly’s UX Design Course in 2013, Project Breaker’s Design Thinking program in 2012, and Breakthrough Collaborative’s Summer Teaching Residency in 2011. I currently dance with Nachle SF, a Bollywood dance team. In my spare time, I also enjoy drawing, painting, and reading.


Hi Everyone,
My name is Todd. I work at TELUS Spark, a Science centre in Canada where I develop programs and manage a makerspace. I am looking forward to contributing to the forums.


Hi all. Andy Doolittle, high school teacher in San Lorenzo, CA (just south of Oakland if you wondered). Currently teaching CS (APCSA and Intro to Programming) and engineering (PLTW IED and EDD). Used to be software engineer, low voltage electrician, bunch of other stuff.

Best part of my current job is somewhere between teaching kids to engineer, using our on campus makerspace, and getting to play with (I mean learn about) the technologies myself. I’ll probably fall behind in this because I overcommit, but please give me crap it if I do. Probably won’t help, but it may be fun!


Olá, boa noite
Sou Maristela Alcântara, supervisora de tecnologia da Escola Projeto Vida.
Atualmente estamos super envolvidos na implementação da Cultura Maker dentro de nossa escola. Espero compartilhar muitas ideias.
Um abraço


Hello everyone. My name is Richard. I live in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. I am a retired engineer. Since retiring I’ve taken a number of the edX MOOCS in a number of areas - Electronics, Python, Scratch, Snap!, . . For the last two years I have been an active participant in the Rhode Island/Southeastern Massachusetts Scratch Educators Meetup Group which has also been looking at other blocks-based programming languages as well as ScratchX. I am currently teaching electricity and electronics to fifth graders as part of an afterschool STEAM program. I am also introducing them to coding, and to interfacing with physical devices, using Scratch, ScratchX and micro:bit coding. I am very interested in learning about effective educational techniques and how these vary based on grade level. Great to be here.


Hi all!

My name is Estella, I randomly stumbled on this course and so glad that I did! This is my first round, I am very interested in EdTech and currently a recent computer engineering graduate from Central Florida!

Looking forward to learning with you all!


Olá! Eu sou Elci.Sou Orientadora Pedagógica em uma Instituição que atende pessoas com deficiência intelectual.
Estamos montando um Espaço Maker.
Fiquei feliz de ter chance de fazer o curso completo.ObrigadaIMG_20180203_150901499da!


Hi, my name is Stephen Thomas, I have taught Scratch, Etoys, Python, science and math to kids in after school clubs/classes and also in Haiti. Looking forward to Learning how to Learn (and unlearn). My wife is also taking this class as we plan to co-teach in the fall, which means I’ll really need to work on that "kind constuctive criticism " of ideas instead of people :wink:


Hi all,
I am iswariya working as a trainer. I joined the course to learn how to teach more creatively and am looking forward for the same.