[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Oi, sou Katia Araújo, especialista em tecnologias digitais na educação, atualmente mestranda em Computação Aplicada- UFPA. Tenho interesse em conhecer mais sobre a aprendizagem criativa e desenvolver meu projeto de mestrado nesse tema. Estou super feliz por estar aprendendo cada vez mais sobre essa proposta inovadora para a educação da geração X.


I am Trudi Noonan and I teach physics and chemistry to grades 10,11 and 12 in Columbus Nebraska. I am a second career person who after retirement from life working in hospitals decided to go teach science. This will be my 10th year teaching. I am married for two years to my patient wonderful wife, and have one grown child in his mid 40’s. and a grandchild graduating from high school this year.

I tend to use hands on inquiry lessons with argumentive inquiry also. CER starts every class, and each unit starts with an Activity Before Content. I am always looking for new ideas, lessons and motivation. Thanks for letting me join. I am new here.




Hi everyone,
My name is Melissa and I work in a small library in Central West NSW Australia! I am doing this course to help improve my skills to teach community members a valuable life skill for their future and hopefully inspire them to create and have fun while learning.
I look forward to learning with you all.
Kind Regards


Hello Everyone

I’m Sara and I coordinate the MakerSpace in middle school in Mexico, I’m a mechanical engineer
right now, I work in designing activities and projects for grades 5-7, I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with the community.


Olá, meu nome é Tatiana, sou de Paranavaí - Paraná, e quero aprender mais sobre aprendizagem criativa.


Ciao, sono Miriam. Insegno alla primaria a Roma e sono venuta a conoscenza di LCL da un gruppo di Telegram molto attivo. Sono alla prima esperienza e non vedo l’ora di cominciare. Spero nella collaborazione e nell’aiuto di tutta la comunità per realizzare bei progetti ed imparare molto.


Hi everyone

I’m Raymond, a Computing Science/Digital Literacy teacher at a secondary school in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have been using Scratch to teach animation and programming for some time, and I hope to learn more about how I can further develop my students’ creativity by taking part in the discussions here whenever I can.

With best wishes


Hello! I’m Rosemary and I run an architecture practice in Scotland. I am interested in education and joined LCL as it looks like a great programme and I’m keen to explore creative learning.


Oi Pessoas! Sou Nicolle Fiuza, mestranda em Educação, tenho paixão pelas linguagens que será meu objeto de estudo para a dissertação. Sou revisora de textos! Alegria é meu sobrenome, acredito que quando fazemos algo que nos faz felizes a vida fica mais maravilhosa! Escrever é vida!


Hello, I am Grace.
I can speak English, Chinese , Japanese and some German!!
I am a graduate student in Master of science in education program.
I have some experience in prek - kindergarten classrooms.
I would like to enforce my knowledge on creativity learning and meeting with different people from the world.
I might not be able to attend group meetings because of class schedule.
but i am willing to communicate with all of people.


Hey guys I am Elloyd, poster 312 and I am very excited to learn creative learning. In my free time I binge watch TV shows or shop in the internet.
Let’s get started!


I too am fascinated Polly. After the first round of Clc, I took the Exploratorium course about automata and marble runs (my favorite price: free.99)

I really enjoyed the course. Felt kind of lonely as there were not many others doing it at the same time as me and I’d just been in a really intense on-line community course for abstract painting so had been spoiled for feedback and stimulation from the work and ideas of peers. That said, I could be convinced to retake it if there were a gang from Clc interested!


I sure would have liked to have been your student!


Hi everyone! I am Sylvie from Hong Kong. I am a master degree architectural student and interested in school design. I look forward to learn more about creative learning and explore more about the learning process!