[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Oi Luis Fernando, estou em BH, bacana ver gente aqui de Minas na ãrea


Hello good people,

My name is Ugochukwu Chukwujiaka (Ugo for short), I’m the product manager at two companies, a learning company and a training company. I like to describe myself as an educator, entrepreneur and technologist.

I’m on a mission to answer the question of how to provide an effective and scalable education to developing nations. I believe the answer lies in the valley of a blended learning experience, but we’ll see :slight_smile:.

Delighted to be here.


Hi all! My name is Victoria and I work with teachers & beginning administrators, as well as co-teaching our Action Research course for our Master’s program. Very excited about learning more!


Mi nombre es Vanessa Coltrinari y soy de Brandsen, un pueblo de 30.000 habitantes en la Pcia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A través de un curso que estoy tomando llamado Leaders of Learning, tomé conocimiento de esta plataforma y me encantó!! Soy Licenciada en RRPP y tengo experiencia en asesoramiento a emprendedores y comunicación política. Además he dado clases en la Universidad y AMO aprender todo el tiempo y conocer cosas nuevas!

A disfrutar aprendiendo!!!


I am Jan Mihalik from Slovakia. I work as an education and development consultant at Salesians of don Bosco. I am interested in use of new technologies in learning.


Hello there,
I am Yong.
Very excited to join in this forum to have a chance to learn creative learning.

I have been in IT Industry for over 15 years in management role, but I am always passionate on technology AND education, especially on the K-12. Why? I have two kids, the boy is 10 years old and daughter is 5 years old. I have been learning how we can raise them in a creative way for 21th century. We call them ipad generation. It has been a challenge for all teachers and parents how and how much we should leverage technology to teach our kids . The other reason is my humble childhood time grow up in China from a small rural village. It makes me strongly believe education can change people’s life. I am the first college student in my village. My farmer parent do not have the privilege to continue their middle school because of poverty, but they believe their kids should go to school and college. They worked super hard and spent all their money to send me to school and college. They made what I am now. My believe each kid should have equal opportunity to study and to change their life, here in US, in China and all over the world.

I am passion to do something that could help the kids in China in the future on education, and more specifically on STEM related. I just started my own Edtech company 6 months ago with my partners in China. We are thrilled to bring the Scratch program to China in our first phase and we like to introduce this great tool designed by MIT media lab to help all the kids in the world. Be creative, collaborate and reason systematically for 21th century.

I am look forward to learning more on education from all of you in this forum. Inspiring the kids to explore the unknowns for them to prepare in the future.

Best regards,
Yong T.


Welcome to Boston!
I am based in Cambridge and be around 10 mins walk to the media lab… Feel free to reach to me whenever you are around



I am sure you had an exciting and great experience over there.

I had been in SZ for few times when I worked in Shanghai, China. Great city and full of passion, people are smart and work VERY hard… It is a city full of prosperity and future!!


Hello everyone.
My name is Kristan Proudman. I am the International Principal of a bilingual kindergarten based in Fuzhou, China. We are now coming to the end of our first year and have grown very quickly. I stumbled onto this website looking to educate myself further, grow my network and collaborate with other educators/learners.


Hi! I’m George, Secretary of a new nonprofit based in California: Scientific Literacy Association. Our mission is to develop a K-12 curriculum in critical thinking and to have it added to the state curriculum standards so that it’s taught everywhere. As we’ve just started, our near term task is to build a board and attract foundation funding. I’m a retired computer science (Machine Learning) researcher & consultant, so I know that cool ideas come out of the MIT Media Lab and I’ve played with Scratch. While I don’t yet know what LCL is up to, I look forward to finding out.


Im currently doing the leaders of learners program.

So my time is extremely short.

I also work in Emergency services in Spain.

You can freely mail me at is the best way to reach me i may take long but i always reply.

Or send me a dm to @newamerican_ix

Im never at my phone unless your sick. Sorry phone for emergency. Thanks and i hope to be of good use in the community.

ill finish training here after i finish Leaders of learning program.

Good bye!


Hi, I am Davide, I work as data scientist/tlc engineer in Italy and I am really interested on children education, most of all on how to make children interested in topics like informatics. I can’t wait to start the course.




I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and are the Community Developer here for Kids Code Jeunesse - a national organization aiming to show coding isn’t scary and support digital skills for educators and their students.

My main purpose here is to get more familiar with how the community is currently using introductory coding tools and then translate the successes for my own community.

You can follow me on Twitter @kcj_Kim. Looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff everyone is doing!


Hi my name is Jacob . I am a teacher to teach the STEAM lessons to the children.I am living in China .


My name is Vadim. I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Exactly, I am from Nizhniy Novgorod but now I am living in Saint-Petersburg. I haven’t got any friends here. Only my girlfriend.

I am working remotly in the advertising agency called MediaNation. I am an account-manager. Last six month I’ve became bored and tired from duties and routine of my work. I want to change my life. I want to add new experience, new mindset, new information and lifestyle in it.
So that, I’ve decided to start this course.

If you would like to write me or meet witth me, please find me on Facebook

Good luck!


Hello everyone!

I am Yasemin, a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am designing my early research project which is about the integration of computer programming into ratios and proportions subjects.

Before the graduate school, I was a middle grade math teacher in Turkey. Then, I liked to learn about technology and learned about simple computer programming concepts. Though I really like to dig into the learning situations in which children freely explore the math subjects by “doing” and “making” something meaningful to their own real-world problems.

I love helping learners when they are learning new subjects.

So excited to learn from and with you in this learning community to improve our creative thinking.

My Twitter handle: @TrYaseminCicek



My name is Danielle and it is my first time here! :smile:
I’m so glad to know a space like that. I’m from :brazil:


Hello everyone!!
Just came across this wonderful program by MIT.
Really excited to learn and add value in the education system.



Olá, sou a Cleusa e entrei no grupo com o intuito de aprender mais e acreditar que este é o caminho para melhorar o ensino.


Hi all! I’m Mariana and I’m from Brazil :brazil:. I came across this course while doing some research on creative learning and I’m really glad! I teach English as a volunteer for gifted/high ability students coming from low income communities and I’m confident that LCL will help me help them.