[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Hi there!
I am a design researcher in Columbus, OH, and founder of both Insitu Health (digital mental health) and PHENOM Design (private design practice inspired by phenomenological philosophy).

I have heard about Scratch for some years now. Finding the project while studying research efforts to empower and extend creative expression through technology. Projects that lowered the barriers to programming with visual approaches as opposed to the abstraction of “code”. To build the things themselves as they are-- isomorphically.

Today, I am working on a project entitled: “Future Together: A pilot, trauma-informed and digital arts-based participatory action research program for youth and young adults experiencing homelessness.” Web design projects are the initial focus. Using Webflow and other visual builders.

My goal has been to cultivate a “flow” of creative expression for self-actualization. I am most inspired by the powerful methods of the Lifelong Kindergarten group. Grounded in practice with simple language. I am able to quickly prototype a Web Design program using LCL principles.

Super excited to participate and be inspired! Ready to improve my project vision with these learnings.


Hello learning lovers :slight_smile:
I am sara and I am from Egypt I am a mother of 2 kids and computer science graduate and when I was a kid I always thinking why learning journey isn’t that fun and creative and I hope to help my kids to find what I was dreamed of one day
I think this community is what I was looking for
Did I have to attend LCL Round 1 ?


Hi Sara! No need to have attended Round 1! We sometimes offer “rounds” of the course, where a group of people move together through the six weeks, but LCL is always ongoing, and you are welcome to join anytime!


Hey everyone!

My name is Weilun, currently a graduating student from University of Nottingham, Product design and manufacture. I am doing my major design project which is about promote children’s learning experience with intangible interactive product. This is my first round of this course and I hope I can find exciting inspirations here! Thanks!


Good Day,

My name is Kaleena. I am currently a Community Manager for a program called AlumniU which focuses on facilitating online learning opportunities for University of Chicago Alumni. I was so excited to learn about this community due to my personal love of lifelong learning and the deep value I have for play/creativity in life. I’d like to learn more about ways to help encourage others to engage in creative learning also, specifically in an online setting.

Nice to meet you all!

Kaleena (Rheeya)


Hi, my name is Andrea, a Chilean currently living in Germany. I am eager to learn from everyone and be part of ths experiepmental methodology, hoping to translate and extrapolate the learning into projects here in Europe.


Hi, my name is Johanna, I´m from Colombia but I usually change country every 3 or 5 years because of my job, I´ve been working in public policy and international cooperation for a long long time. Now I´m living in Equator.
My family and I have decided to begin the adventure of homeschooling (unschooling). I´m excited to support the learning process of my two daughters and go back to my roots because I studied Educative Comunication. Thanks for this great course, tools and forum.


Hello everyone, I’m Marcio. I’m a brazilian who lives in Milan, Italy. I’m a father of two kids (5 and 2 years old) interested in helping kids learn through making. I’ve been making things (and programs) since I was little and I believe this greatly helped me develop a strong will for learning more and to approach problems with creativity and resilience. I hope this course can help me become good at inspiring kids to learn. Hopefully I can also contribute to the course community. Thank you!


Hello everyone!
I am Rui and I study museum and curating in the UK.
I never take class and online group study before. And i discovered LCL recently.
I am very excited to join the upcoming activities. Hope we could have fun!


Hello LCL community,
My name is Luis Fernando and I’m a student of Electrical Engineering at the Federal University of São João del Rei , MG-Brasil. Also I’m a member of the NRTA (Núcleo de Robótica e Tecnologias Assistivas/Nucleus of Robotics and Assistive Technologies) of the University and my project it is used robotics and eletronic concepts and resources to help special needs kids to be happier with themselfs and
recovering them self-esteem. This year we have a
partnership with you guys to create our own Media Lab, and I couldn’t be happier haha. So Let’s go folks?


Hello Eddy_Bpumaiza, can i discuss with you please, i will like you to get in-touch with me through my email ( ) so we can discuss more , Thanks alot and i will be expecting to hear from you there soon


Hello! I’m Kait and I’m an organizational learning and development specialist. I learned about this through the learning community at Shopify, where I work. Really excited about the course!


Hi everyone !

My name is Hyojae Lee, Im 26 and I live in Seoul. I work at the display company as a researcher. My background is in Energy Science and Engineering.

Now I am searching what I need to do for my future and I get to know about MIT Media Lab. So I’ve been searching information about it and I found LCL on the Internet by chance.
I really don’t know about coding or computer science. But I love to learn something new, fun and cool so I’m glad to participate the new round of LCL and I’m expected to open my mind and knowledge from it.

Thanks for holding such a cool program. I am very very excited to join LCL!


Hi! My name is Rachel and I am from the Philippines. I am in this course because I am building a social enterprise that deals with creative skills training for therapy and employment for mental health strugglers. Nobody has done this so far and we’d like to pioneer it in the Philippines.


Kia ora!

My name is Sarah and I’m from New Zealand. I work in education policy but more importantly I’m a mother of three beautiful little girls. I’m a bit late in joining the conversation but keen to join in and catch-up.


Hi everyone!

My name is Troy and I’m currently in Bangladesh. I help lead Classroom Tech Integration at my school and teach Math & Design.

Definitely a bit late to this course, but hoping to catch up!


Hi everyone ;
My name is Nizar and I’m a mechanical engeneering student in Morocco. This is my first time in here and I am so glad that I had the oppotunity to join this community. I am so excited to engage the creative learning which is an escape from standardized education.
Nice to meet you all.


My name is Maggie Boemmels from Maine in the United States. I am a technology integrator and work with students PreK-5th grade in two different elementary schools. I am new to LCL and am excited to jump on board!


Olá sou professora de TI, moro em Santa Quitéria - CE, Brasil e adoro trabalhar novas metodologias de ensino e vejo na robótica educacional uma forma de motivar os alunos a conhecer novas formas de ensino aprendizagem.


Im Rafael from Belo Horizonte, Brazil,
I create toys using laser cut, publish Android apps by the label Maxacali