[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Hi everyone, I’m Santos from Venezuela but living in Colombia since many years. Actually Computer Science for 1st to 8th grades. Very happy to be here.


Muraho from Rwanda.

I have been teaching Math/CS/Science in Boston for three years and have been in Rwanda for two. I teach Scratch and computational design & thinking as well to 7th - 12th graders at an all girls, STEM, school in Nyamata, Rwanda.

This is my first round of LCL. Looking forward to learning something new.



hi i am an industrial design aspirant


Hi, I’m Marcia Regina. I’m from Brasil and I’ sixty six years old. I work as an Educational Tecnology Coordinator. I’m glad to be here and I hope to learn and to contribute for my owm and the group’s professional growth.


Olá! Sou Adevan. Moro no Brasil e trabalho como professor da educação básica em uma escola pública e outra da rede privada. Além disso, estou desenvolvendo pesquisas sobre o ensino de Genética Clássica voltado ao ensino médio pela Universidade Federal de Alagoas. Estou sempre buscando ter novas experiências voltadas ao “ensinar com criatividade”.


Salve a tutti. Mi chiamo Francesco Riolo e sono interessato ai temi del life long learning, delle TIC e della didattica per competenze. Insomma, ritengo importante essere un insegnante attuale al proprio tempo e quindi aggiornarmi su come poter migliorare le mie competenze didattiche ed educative.


Ciao, sono Sandra, pedagogista italiana, vivo nel Mugello (Toscana) mi occupo di educazione e creatività legata ai temi della sostenibilità da ormai 25 anni sono qui in LCL per la seconda volta e faccio fatica a seguire lo scambio ma adoro l’approccio che ha Mitch Resnick e il suo staff e quando si parla, e soprattutto si agisce, sulla creatività, beh io ci sono. Contribuisco a rendere piacevoli 2 luoghi del mio paese dove vivo:
Centro di riuso creativo Remida (progetto delle scuole dell’infanzia del comune di Reggio Emilia e la Fondazione Malaguzzi) + un Piccolo Museo dei Bambini inserito in un Museo storico delle ceramiche Chini. Domani 26/02/2018 andró a Reggio Emilia per ascoltare dal vivo Mitch e chissà se riusciamo a creare connessioni. Buone super e tecnologiche connessioni a tutti :nerd_face:


Hi, my name is Tapani. I work at the European School in Brussels, Belgium. I am originally from Finland.

I try to follow what is happening in the innovative and creative centers of education around the world. And apply fresh ideas in my work. I am really pleased to have heard about lcl community today, watching online professor Resnick’s speech from Italy.


Hi, my name is Giancarlo. I am a physics student at the Federico II University of Naples. At the moment I am working on my master thesis in Physics teaching with innovative technologies and methodologies. I love studying learning processes by creating new laboratories experimenting them especially in the neighborhoods of my city where there is educational poverty. Therefore I am very interested in being part of this community and I hope that among us there will be a rich exchange of constructive ideas.

I recently returned home after 3 cold days spent in Bologna and Reggio Emilia, where I participated in the workshops “Cultivating Creativity” meeting super guys including Carmelo :wave:. Unfortunately, a snowstorm prevented me from participating in the conversation with Prof. Resnick on the occasion of the presentation of his work. I hope I can meet again soon, I have many questions to ask. :grin:


Hi, My name is Adrian. I’m from Tucuman, Argentina. Northwest of the country. I’m starting afterschool workshops to teach programming with Scratch to kids, the idea is to start with that and then try to go in schools. Nobody is teaching this type of material in my area.


while born in suriname (small country in northeast of South America) i was orphaned at a young age and eventually adopted by american parents in the diplomatic core, so i grew up in many different countries/cultures. my education alternated between homeschooling and various private and public schools; this gave me a unique perspective which informed my university studies in art education and art therapy.


Hi everyone,

My name is Amelia and I live in Boston, MA. I’m passionate about social development and was referred to this course by an acquaintance who works at the YWCA. I’m here to broaden my knowledge of technology resources, gain some creative inspiration, and discover new ways to help the world.

Looking forward to it!



My name is Andrea I´m food Engineer from Colombia and I have been learning English for 3 year that is because I want to teach chess and maths in English to the young people from my country. To teach is my passion and I´m so happy for doing it.


My name is Vianca Cuevas, I am 31 years old and I live in Panama, I am the coordinator of Rincon Clubhouse La Chorrera.


As a retired educator (over 30 years in the community college system) I am still addicted to taking courses and learning new things. I am particularly interested in how and why learnings take place. I watch my 2-year grandkids and am amazed at how much more they know about the world than I did at their age.
I find it all incredibly fun.


Hi everyone, my name is Isabell Matebula from South Africa, Pretoria. Working at the Department of Basic Education at Directorate Early Childhood Development. Thank you


Hello, my name is William Ocampo and I am co-founder and academic director of The Kids2Code, that is a Technological Entrepreneurship School for children between 6-12 years old, located at Juarez, Mexico.

Our DNA is:
“We want to inspire future leaders and entrepreneurs to combine critical thinking, human values and the use of technological tools to innovate through play.” William Ocampo

My passion is to share my experience and knowledge with children because I believe they are the future leaders and entrepreneurs that will change our communities.

Warm regards


David Frazer here :blush:

I work at Barker College in Australia. I’m the Junior School STEAM teacher. Creating an environment where students have experiences in woodwork, coding and robotics. Currently reading Lifelong Kindergarten. Excited to see this wave coming back into education…I’m sure it’s why we all became teachers :blush:


Hello, everyone.
My name is João Marcelo, I’m Master in Applied Linguistics and Professor-Coordinator at Estácio de Sá University in Resende, Brazil. I teach Portuguese, Literature, Linguistics and hope I could share with you all experiences and knowledge.
Best regards.


Hello everyone!
I am Tanjima. I am from Bangladesh, but currently working and residing in Pennsylvania. How to make learning the most exciting, fun and intuitive activity (I am very tempted to use the word ‘game’) - is something that I am fascinated about! In my work, I find me and my coworkers struggling to learn a new side of the application we are developing. So everytime I learn something I try to capture all my knowledge in a way that will reduce the struggle to learn that I had to go through - bringing better experience in learning! I am follower of projects in Lifelong Kindergarten and I am very excited to be a part of this community - I am looking forward to ideas and knowledge to enrich my work toward developing intuitive methods for learning! Cheers!