[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Hi Everyone!

I am new to LCL after discovering it on Twitter.

I work in Toronto, Canada at a K-8 school where I teach kindergarten and act as a technology lead teacher. I hope to start up a club with our junior and intermediate students (Gr 4-8) to introduce them to coding and creating digitally. I’m looking forward to learning and discovering new ways to use technology with elementary school students.


Hi there! My name is Laura and this is my second round of LCL. I got stuck on the Scratch activity in Week 2 last time around and never made it back to trying it so I ended up not completing the remaining coursework. I’m excited to try again this time and put my heart into the course. Things have changed in my professional life since the previous iteration (ie…I got laid off last week!), so I have a little more time to fully immerse myself in the course this time around. I am looking forward to Learning Creative Learning so that I can apply new skills to wherever my career path takes me in the future! Excited to meet everyone!


Me encantaria saber tus recomendacoines! Sabiendo que eres una profesora de literatura me puedo imaginar que tendras un buen gusto de libros,… ahorita estoy leyendo Friere :slight_smile:


Year of the Dog, Here we come :slight_smile: !


HI, my name is Megan and I am a kindergarten teacher at a Title 1 elementary school in Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin. My district follows the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework and has made this the main focus of our professional development. I want to use my knowledge of UDL in conjunction with the Common Core standards for kindergarten in Wisconsin to offer my students a learning experience through a creative process that helps them develop problem solving strategies and social skills (and empathy) through positive play-based learning experiences.


salve a tutti,
ricomincio …il primo round non sono riuscita a finirlo, ma stavolta …impegno massimo…
Mi presento…56 anni, insegnante di scuola primaria…Attualmente insegno in due classi quarte.
Con loro ho iniziato ad interessarmi al coding , alla robotica educativa e insieme noi stiamo crescendo.
Mi sono iscritta a questo corso per imparare a rendere il mio alvoro più creativo , stimolante.

Hello everyone,
I start again … I could not finish the first round , but this time … maximum effort …
I introduce myself … 56 years old, teacher of primary school … Currently I teach in two fourth classes.
With them I started to be interested in coding, educational robotics and together we are growing.
I enrolled in this course to learn how to make my work more creative, stimulating.


My name is Reem, and I have been an educator for more than 21 years. I have worked with preschoolers half my life and currently training teachers who work with preschoolers. I am always eager to enrich the learning experience for young and adult learners. Looking forward to growing with you.


Olá karla!!!
Você está fazendo ótimas leituras, de Freire gosto Pedagogia do oprimido e Educação como prática da liberdade. Um abraço!!!


Hi everyone! I’m Nathalie from Bogotá, Colombia. I’m 24 years old. I work as a Digital Content Editor for Educational Textbooks. I hope to meet people who are interested in the intersection of education and technology. I would like to apply everything I’m going to learn in this course into my work as an editor for primary and secondary digital education resources.


I would definitely love that! I’ve been trying to catch up with all the readings and videos since the last edition of LCL, and though I’m by no means done with them, it’s always fun to follow the threads opened by this course/community and see where they lead to :smiley:

And I definitely agree with this going back over the same ideas and activities, reflecting about them with new people, or in the light or more recent experiences.

So, great to be here again!


Hi! I’m a college student at Purdue University double majoring in Computer Science and Psychology. This is my first session and I’m excited to learn with y’all!


Hi eveyone!
My name is Jonathan, I come from Sweden but is now based in China. I am a software developer turned educator turned designer. I have worked as a high school teacher, primary school teacher and also hosting a hacker club afterschool program for kids. The last year I have been working out of the Beijing Makerspace with maker education around China. I am a big fan of Self-Directed Education (, but want to develop new vocabulary and thoughts around this kind of education, which is why I am here!

Looking forward to learn with you all!
Best wishes,


Ciao a tutti, anche se con ritardo :wink:
Mi chiamo Antonella e sono una formatrice in ambito digitale. Sono della provincia di Lecce e mi piace molto giocare, giocare ed imparare con tutti i nuovi strumenti tecnologici: da Scratch agli smart toys; da Little Bits a Lego. Le ragazze sono un gruppo di laboratori che organizzo con la mia associazione dal nome “Noi costruttori del futuro”.
Sono pronta per partire


Hi! Thanks for your question and sorry for such late response! Right now, I am interested in the change process in which math and technology teachers (grades 1-9) with little or no prior knowledge are supposed to interpret new curriculum content (programming), transform it into classroom activity and assess learning.

The curriculum is not particularly specific, but programming is mainly supposed to be used as a vehicle to understand other subject content (math or technology), it is more about learning about programming, how it can be used for problem solving purposes and how technology is controlled through programming. It is not so much about learning to program/learning a specific programming language. But interpretations will surely vary.



Hi Francesca!! I’m from Padova too :smiley: we need to arrange a meeting after this new round of LCL :wink:
I’ve attended Round 1 and now, with other wonderful people, we are trying to go on with the italian community of LCLers. You can come say hi in the italian language forum or in our facebook group.


Ciao Giulio!
sarò contenta di incontrarvi ma non essendo su facebook non posso avere aggiornamenti in tempo reale. Ti secca avvertirmi qui la prossima volta che vi trovate?
Grazie anche se ti dovessi dimenticare (ti capirei benissimo)


Hello again,
Although I’ve started a bit late, I am back for round 2. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing all the creative ideas everyone comes up with. I am also looking forward to the inspirational words and thoughts that will be shared.


Olá. Eu sou do Brasil e atualmente estou cursando Licenciatura em Matemática. Como o tema do meu TCC envolve a utilização de softwares pelos alunos para facilitar o seu aprendizado, estou usando o LCL como uma forma de aprender mais sobre a prática, em especial, sobre a utilização do Scratch para tal fim. Estou começando bem atrasado, mas espero poder aprender bastante.


Hello everyone!

I’m Janaina and I’m a computer lab in a public school teacher coordenator . This is my first time here. I knew the Movement Maker when I had the opportunity to participate in the Ficmaker in São Paulo last year. Since then my conception of education has changed. I worked with the Scratch but I need to expand my knowledge and have more ideas.




My name is Richard Isaacs, and I am a designer in Woodstock, NY. with interest in making education more engaging for children. I enjoy experimenting with new after-school programs for 8 to 12 year-olds where they can learn problem-solving, the basics of coding and making. I get a special thrill seeing a child who may be shy, grow to collaborate with others. I experienced this with my daughter who made a piece of interactive art with a Makey-Makey. She was excited to share her work with others and help them do the same.

I look forward to discovering new insights and gaining from the experience of this creative learning community.