[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Hello Mara: Welcome to this exciting community of dreamers. Oswaldo


Hi everyone: I´m Oswaldo and is my second LCL round. I live in Santa Marta, Colombia. Traveler and consultant in creative learning.

I believe in the powerful ideas that this course promotes. I so happy to be part of this global community of educators and dreamers.


Hi Shriya,

I would definitely recommend engaging with other people in the community, it’s such an important part LCL… and you are definitely doing it already! Another thing that I personally enjoy is diving deeper into the readings (the ones we selected are among my personal favorites, but I can suggest more if you want!), every time I find some hidden jams or I realize something new! Finally, I suggest to re-do the activities, even if you have done them before, it’s a great way to see how your thinking is evolving!

In general, I would recommend maintaining a “beginner’s mind”, looking at things with no preconceived ideas, as you are discovering them for the first time. Sometimes it is hard to do, but it makes a huge difference for me, because when I think “I understand it” or “I know it already” I preclude myself new opportunities for learning more.

Kind of long and generic answer… hope that helps! :slight_smile:
Wish everyone, of every LCL “round” and background, to keep an open, creative, and beginner’s mind!


Thank you! :slight_smile: Would totally be interested in additional readings. Maybe there can be a thread for it?


Thanks Lily,
I appreciate your reply. I’m conscious my personal re-introduction might not be in keeping with the full-flowing, creative spirit of abandon of LCL 2. Before making my comments I had tried out Scratch 3 and saw precisely that you can program the direction keys (but what’s the purpose when the keyboard occupies a large portion of the screen?)
Also, I happen to be the teacher whom Natalie Rusk contacted (last June) to add my vector grids into the backdrop library. These grids are causing great excitement among teachers as they give Scratch huge extra potential as a creative tool in school. (I know it’s only a beta version) but the grids are not included in the Scratch 3 backdrop libraries. They are free, they are a source of great pride and also of disappointment. Seamus


Hi everyone, I’m Lisa and I’m a homeschool mum living in Western Australia. I’ve got two gorgeous boys (7 yo and 2 yo) and I’m here because I really want to learn how to facilitate their learning while respecting their creative and adventurous spirits. There is a national curriculum that homeschoolers are required to adhere to, but, thankfully, how we cover it, and the way we teach, is entirely up to us.

I’ve been interested in Lori Pickert’s “Project Based Homeschooling” but I haven’t gotten round to reading the book yet. I’m very much looking forward to learning more about Creative Learning as the challenge for me now is to teach my sons in a different way to the way I was taught.

It’s great to be here, I’m loving the Week 1 content already, and I look forward to interacting here in the group discussions. :slight_smile:


Hi all, I am the Executive Director of Innovation and Design. We have a five year plan to transform learning for all our students so that it is meaningful, forward driven, and joyful. I’m hoping this course gives me some inspiration on that journey.


Hi Creative Co-learners : )

My name is Claudia and at present, I’m working for the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub, UC Irvine where I have been thinking and learning about the ways youth are engaging with digital media, technology and exploring Connected Learning. I am also an educator/designer and have created innovative multidisciplinary initiatives for life-long learning that range from pre-school TV shows to collaborations designing open courses in higher ed. I am looking forward to learning more about your work and interests.

Hello from our team at the DML Hub!


Hello, everyone! I am very happy to be here. I work in higher ed (teaching and curriculum development). I have not participated in this course before and I’ve been having fun exploring what lies ahead. My son is a huge Scratch fan (a full-fledged “Scratcher” is what I think it’s called? :slight_smile: ), and I’m sure he’ll find my venture into/onto the platform quite amusing! I’m looking forward to this experience with all of you.


Hi All,

I am Mani Bharathy, I am working at Robotix Learning Solutions, teaching robotics to school students from ages 4 to 18. We teach lot of Scratch to our kids and students always come up with very nice projects. I really feel that scratch is the most easiest software for kids to learn coding.

I’m looking forward to this experience with all of you.


Hi, LCL community! I’m Danielle, from Sao Paulo - Brazil. I teach portuguese at the school from 10th through 14th grade. I love innovation and creativity!


Buen día! Estoy en Montevideo, Uruguay, trabajo en el preescolar de un colegio bilingüe que está inspirado en la filosofía Reggio Emilia. Me interesó este curso porque creo que está muy alineado con nuestra forma de trabajar y de encarar la educación de los mas chicos.

Seguimos en contacto,
Magdalena Varela


Hello Everyone,
I’m Debbie and I’m back for Round 2! I’m really excited to dive into CLC anew and seeing what bubbles up this time around.


Hi everyone, I teach robotics and Scratch at several schools in Boston. LCL Fall 2017 was a truly wonderful experience, so I’m returning to learn more through interactions with this community!


I’m Dani, a teacher of English as a foreign language to students, mainly teens, (but sometimes adults and children, too) in Brazil. An artist at heart, I readily embraced the maker movement that the binational (USA/Brazil) school I teach at is trying to instill. Part of my role here is to develop maker activities that help students learn and practice English while building skills in creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and technology. This is my second round with LCL, and I am excited to connect more with this amazing international community!


Hello! My name is Juliana and Im Brazilian.
I’m a psychologist seeking for a specialization in Children’s Psychology and how to use Social Emotional Learning in the classroom.


Hello Everybody,

My name is Ricardo Sousa. I´m a teacher. I work with Education Technologies. I´m Brazilian and I live at Brasilia, the capital of country. I´m interresting in how people learning and Inovation, so this course is a excellent oportunity to learn and share. Meet nice people and growing. .

My regards to everyone…


Hi Juliana,
Se desejar podemos trocar msgs sobre os temas estudados.
Bem vinda.


Joanna, your activities sound amazing! Thank you for sharing and enjoy!


Hello! I’m Nina. I’m an instructional design specialist at the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator at Harvard University, where I help craft creative curriculum and resources that tackle “messy” global challenges. Personal curiosities include how to create reflective spaces for adults outside the classroom, zines, and learning through food.

I was first introduced to the Lifelong Kindergarten group through Prof. Karen Brennan’s incredible course, “Designing for Learning by Creating.” Excited to be here! Excited to participate!