[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Hi everyone!

I’m Adelmo, a Mechatronics Engineer from Brazil! I’m currently working at the Ayrton Senna Institute, where a I develop partnerships with public schols throughout the country to bring programming to our students :slight_smile: I’m also a Masters student at the Universuty of Sao Paulo, researching Technologies for Education and Data Analysis.

I’m looking foward to learning more about creative learning with you guys!






Hi everybody!!! :smile: I’m Carlos, I work with art ,technology and education. I’m developing a workshop for teachers of private and public school in Brasilia.
I’m very happy to be here for the second round, looking forward to exchange creative ideas and keep learning with all of you!


Hi! I’m Cecilie from Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m here for inspiration - especially on implementing creative learning (more) on public libraries. Excited to be here!


Hola, mi Nombre es Sara, soy de Panamá.
Estoy muy dispuesta a aprender sobre el uso de las nuevas tecnologías en la educación y sus desarrollo.


Ola , sou um entusiasta da Música e tecnologia!! Sou um cearense disposto a trabalhar!!!


Hi! I am Nugent and I currently teach 5th grade French and a project-based learning class in Virginia, USA. I am an artist and have taught art to all ages over the years. I am also working on my MFA in Studio Art at MICA in Baltimore MD during my summers. I am looking forward to learning more about learning and teaching and creativitiy!


My name is Matt, I am a dropout kid doing their best to keep learning outside of school. Even though I couldn’t afford to stay, traditional classrooms with homework didn’t really click for me anyway…For the purposes of this group. I am particularly interested in education as a method of building/organizing community.

Let me know if you want to know more.


Hi! I’m Laylah, and I’m from Miami. I’m formerly a high school teacher who now works for LEGO Education. I’ve got a copy of Lifelong Kindergarten on my lap. I am looking forward to reintroducing myself to my creative side. I know it will be great!


Hi, my name is Tianyi, a product designer from China and lived in the US for seven years.

I’m super excited for this new round because I have recently started my own creative art education project for kids (age 5-14) , and finally got some teaching experience to share with the group!

I look forward to meeting all of you in the new round!


Hi. My name is Di Horsten and I am a Grade R teacher in South Africa. I am passionate about education and believe that there needs to be a shift in the way we educate children today. I have always thought that the Kindergarten model is the perfect model for creative learning and I am confused why it has to end so abruptly as children enter into formal schooling. I came across this course while do another online course and I am excited that others see the value in the kindergarten approacch.


Hi lovely to meet you
My name is Limor harary head of innovation and technology department at Haifa, Israel
Im exited to start sharing ideas


Hello Yumiko,

I am currently in Osaka, but have lived in Sendai and Tokyo Asakusa, Akabane, and Kita Senju) as well. I see you are from Tokyo. Have you ever taught in Japan?



I’m looking at returning to teaching - and this course looks like an exciting way to enhance my teaching practice.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland.


I was not a teacher when I lived in Japan but worked at a private university in Yokohama & Fujisawa, Kanagawa (which I call Tokyo). I am also a frequent visitor to & a fan of Rikuzen-takata, Iwate so always pass by Sendai! Would love to hear about your class!


Hello LCL community,
My name is Carolina and I work at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, USA. I support teen and out-of-school time programs to engage in the collection and our scientists through the use of technology in creative and personalized ways. Back in the day I ran Computer Clubhouses in various parts of the country. I’m excited to be part of this group for the third time. Every session is an opportunity to learn and grow w/others and I can’t get enough of what LCL brings to my career and the young people that impacted by so many amazing educators and practitioners. Look forward to getting to know you in this journey.



My name is Genevieve and I am based in the UK. Computing (high school) teacher for 12 years before moving onto higher ed, I am a (part-time) Lecturer (Computing Education) and founder of, not-for-profit, readysaltedcode - I use classical ballet as a medium for computing concepts and theories. The last ballet about was chronic pain and biomedical engineering- concepts/theories: Actor-Network theory and signal processing. I love LEDs and data. Currently researching VR /AR and EEG data


Welcome back Carolina! Excited to have you joining us again! :slight_smile:


Hi Lily: Very nice your interest in multi-age/international learning communities. I´d like I later to talk with you about it.