[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Welcome (or welcome back!) to Learning Creative Learning!

We are very excited to start a new round of LCL starting in February 2018, and we thought it would be nice to use this new topic to to introduce (or re-introduce) yourself and get to know other members of this new group.

Reply to this post, and tell us a little more about yourself.

If you haven’t done it before, pin yourself on our course map and customize your profile on this forum with a photo and short description. We are adding a little green LCL logo to help identify the members of this new group.

Thanks for joining our community!
LCL Team

[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself
We’re starting a new round of LCL!
[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself
We’re starting a new round of LCL!
[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself
[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself
[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself
[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself
We’re starting a new round of LCL!

Hello again!

My name is Carmelo, and I live in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Media Lab. :smile:

I guess this is my third or fourth “round” of LCL, and I’m enjoying it every time. The first one was years ago, while I was back in Italy organizing free coding clubs for kids using Scratch.

LCL was my first opportunity to explore the ideas behind Scratch, and it was a milestone in my meandering path that brought me to study and work in the most playful place in the world.

I look forward to keeping exploring, creating, questioning, reflecting and making new friends!

Happy creative learning, everyone!


Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I’m Lily, and I spend my time tinkering with learning experiences with @tarmelop, @yumikom, and the rest of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA. In addition to LCL, I’m interested in creating spaces for learning and making, multi-age/intergenerational learning communities, and supporting meaningful projects. Also a lover of poetry, jazz, and making stuff.

This is my second round of LCL, and I’m very excited to keep learning with all of you!

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My name is Ana Rodrigues. I started coding when I was 10 years old.

At 42 (yes, 42 is the answer*), I am the owner of Just CODING, a coding school for children in Brazil.

At the moment we are implementing coding in a major school here, with more than 700 students using Scratch to develop interdisciplinary projects with teachers and students.

I just LOVED when I participated in a LCL “round” last semester. I read everything and did all the proposed projects, but was not able to participate in the community much, so I hope to know more or the community this time.

I am also the VERY proud mom of two girls (11 and 6y-o) who already are experts in Scratch and Scratch Jr.

Let’s have fun!!!

  • For those who do not know the reference I recommend reading/watching the movie “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.


My name is Liz Williams, and I am a teacher in Christchurch NZ. I’m back again after having participated in some of LCL Round 1. Time got the better of me, so I was not able to participate as actively as I would have liked, but I enjoyed the parts that I did so much that I’m keen to get into round 2 and keep on the learning pathway.


Hello again! I’m Linda Lawrence, Director of Technology Development at Metairie Park Country Day School. I teach a few Computer Science courses at the school from 6th through 12th grade. I’m looking forward to even more fresh ideas and outlooks. Love this place!


Hello, Shelly Sharp, Elementary Science and Art teacher and STEAM coordinator in Montreal, Quebec. I’m happy to be joining in again for round two. Long live life long learning and rigorous pedagogy that honours the natural learning processes of play!


Hi there!

I’m Celeste. I started participating in the previous session last week, but since we’re doing a new round I figure I’ll start over here!

I support the development of engaging learning experiences, often STEAM or “making” focused, at the Science Center of Iowa.



My name is Diane and I´m a Makerspace Coordinator in a Binational Center (BR-USA), in Brazil. My background is in IT and I am also an EFL teacher.

I´ve been involved in planning, preparing, and delivering Maker-style activities for about 2 years, including Maker camps. Last year I participated in the FICMAKER São Paulo and had the opportunity to attend Leo Burd´s (MIT Media Lab) workshop about Creative Learning. It was great! Since then, I´ve been wanting to participate in the LCL community but wasn´t able to. I hope this time I can follow and contribute with the discussions until the end!



Hello! I’m so glad to catch a new round!

I’m Polly and I’m a puppetry artist and teaching artist. I build and perform with mechanized puppets, and I teach puppetry workshops for K-12 and university students. I’ve been working in old traditions for a long time, I’m here to expand my knowledge into modern technology, and to become a better teacher. I’m excited to be here!


Ciao, sono Serafina Vitellino, vivo in Italia e insegno principalmente matematica e Scienze nella scuola primaria. Non sono riuscita a fare tutto il primo round ma spero di poter seguire questa seconda possibilità… Perché l’idea dell’apprendimento creativo mi ha tanto entusiasmato.


Hello everyone,
I am an Italian teacher too, I teach in a Middle School in the North of Italy.
I took part in the previous session and I enjoyed the course a lot. This is the reason why I’d like to repeat the creative experience. In the last edition I experimented the use of Scratch for the first time, so I’d like to improve and get new ideas! Thank you for giving us the chance!
See you soon in our creative activities :wink:


Hello again. My name is Vasiliki Psaridou and I have enjoyed the first round so much that I have decided to take part at the second as well. I am a teacher in a Minority school in Greece and the subject I teach are Greek language, geography and history. See you !!!


Hello everyone,

I discovered LCL only recently and I am excited to join the upcoming round of it. Its a new experience for me to engage in creative learning experiences. I am currently working in the field of capacity development in Africa and I am doubtful about hierarchical learning models that are still dominating the development sector. That’s why I am looking for inspiration and experiences how to make things different. I’ll return to Germany, Berlin in September 2018 and then want to make a career shift that should involve collective learning approaches. I am sure the LCL will be a great source of inspiration for my emerging future.

Looking forward to this journey,


Hello Everyone

I am looking forward to joining this community and am excited about the experience. I Am an enthusiastic learner and feel there is a loss of creativity in most of our standardised education system which is adversely effecting our new generation. Although they are brighter and smarter than us but there is something that we are taking away from them and that I think creativity can give back to them. Hence my interest to know how and what can be different.

Hoping to share ideas and views with this community who obviously give so much more importance to creative learning rather than the standardised learning.



I’m a primary teacher: in my school, I take care of spreading innovative teaching methods and tools. I work every day, with my 25 pupils and my colleagues, to build the school that will be!


Ciao, sono un’insegnante della scuola primaria. I miei alunni, sono appassionati di tecnologia, così cerco di tenermi aggiornata per rendere le lezioni interessanti, coinvolgenti e divertenti.


Hi! My name is Chris Kerlin and I work at The American International School of Vienna. I am a tech facilitator in the Middle School and teach an introductory computer science elective. I am looking forward to learning along with everyone!


Hi everyone,
I’m Karina!

I’ve been working with developing methods for learning through play in the Capital Of Children in Billund, Denmark for 2 years now. I’m looking so much forward to joining this community and expanding my knowledge and sharing ideas with some of the finest players in the world. Unfortunately I missed last round, so I’m very happy that a new one is starting now.

Best regards