Remixing LCL


Hello everyone! Has anyone here used / is planning on using LCL resources in workshops your running, classes you might be teaching, etc.?

Would love to speak to anyone considering doing this or who has done this. We’re exploring ways to make resources and the design of LCL (and other designed learning experiences) more easily remix-able). Feel free to post here or to send me an email:


Actually this morning I came across this post I wrote after the first round of LCL, thinking about this very topic. I didn’t bring that idea to real life (yet), but it’s still in my head. If it turns (when it turns!) into something more likely I’ll contact you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! Happy to talk about this if you’re interested. Am curious not just about extending LCL (that is one direction this can take) but broadly interested in the different ways people pull on LCL and other resources and how we might make it easier to design creative learning experiences while using resources like LCL