[Reflection 1] Pick a P


Me too Richard! When I’m passionate about it, time seems suspended and I can lose myself in my project!


I am interested in Projects that allow young people to develop their creativity using technological tools.


I pick PROJECT. I am interested how to integrate to the process of learn something. In the class that I impart I have being just transmitter of knowledge. According to James E. Zull in his book “How to Change The Brain” to learn is needed complet learning cycle: Experience, reflextion, Hypothesis and Action. I ve used just experience and relfextion = to me is knowledge transmitter. The cycle is incomplet… not learning.


I am most curious about Projects and Peers. Reviewing literature, I have found there are many thoughts and methods for understanding Passion and Play within the context of creative arts. I fall short of understanding how to provide the Project structure and ensure Peer support.


I am interested in passion part I wander how to follow learner passion and I think passion what gives the sweet to what you learn and achieve.


The P that stands out to me the most is Peer.

Although other Ps are absolutely important for creative learning, the reason why I choose Peer as the most interesting thing for me is sustainability. In my opinion, others Ps are not enough to lead learners continuously in the long term, especially for adult learners.

However, with peer learners, creative and sustainable learning process could last with interacting others which could make a new projects, expand the passion, and create a new way of playing. Based on my professional experience as a Learning and Development manager more that 5 years, when a program is created and operated with social interactions - Peers, it easily ignites adult learners’ passion and also makes them being creative in their projects.


I am interested specially on the 4th p, play. I think we rarely play together, analogically, as adults and I am curious to learn how to engage others in this fanstastic way of learning.


I pick Play! This is such an important element that holds all the other Ps in place. Play allows for freedom of exploring new ideas, and to be creative when problem solving. For me, at present, Play is a breath of fresh air. Without Play the other Ps would not be much fun.


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Play, of course!!! For the sole reason the playful and curious child inside me still exists. I don’t think they’ll ever go away. I would like to be unapologetically playful again just as when I was a child before I got my depression (I’m clinically diagnosed and I felt that it ripped a huge part of who I am). I’m regaining that but upping it up wuth purpose as to how I can use child-like creativity, curiosity, and love for play to bridge the gap that exists in community-based services available for mental health strugglers. Why not? I shall regard that as playful “adulting,” by actually taking care of one’s mental health. :smiley:

Hope to learn more about Lifelong Kindergarten in the coming weeks!! Enjoying it so far! Very inspired!!!




Definitely Projects, whenever I hear about a project that someone has developed around the world, I imagine what it would be like to apply it to where i live.

For example, the Precious Plastics Project, I volunteer with a few people to build and weld a plastic shredder + all the components to melt and mold plastic into other shapes.

Any project that appears to be environmentally worthy, I look for ways to bring them into my classroom and have students come up with solutions on how to make it a reality.


What is the source of passion?I wonder if anyone can find it.
I am interested in “passion”.


Even though I think all 4 P’s are very important, I think Passion is the most important one because it seems mandatory for the learning experience to reach its maximum level of satisfaction. I’m very interested in learning about how to create good conditions for kids to find new interests/passions that can be their source of energy for engaging and persevering in creative learning activities.


I am really excited about Passion. If I have the Passion I can work with enthusiasm. Also, I can work harder, more intensively and carefully

It is the main part for me. I want to know how to find and support the Passion throughout my life.


I am interested in Passion since it is the source of whole human activity. Without it, people will not want to articulate their ideas on a subject; people may not have any enthusiasm for completing projects that were imposed by a teacher or an outsider; people may not have the spirit of playfulness and sharing their ideas with peers and contributing to their peers’ intellectual growth. Starting from the Passion, people can adapt everything to their learning style.


Mesmo sabendo que todos os Ps são importantes, eu escolho o P de PAIXÃO, paixão em ensinar e proporcionar paixão aos alunos em querer aprender.


I would have to say Projects intrigue me the most because I feel like it’s where most of the work goes to and it’s through them that we can turn an abstract idea into something real. I used to do very theoretical work during my studies but when I found out about project-based learning everything changed. I still struggle with developing new projects because, to be honest, I find coding and programming somewhat challenging but once I developed my first project to help my ballet friends learn about different variations it felt like a breakthrough moment. Currently, I’m working on a project to help my high ability English students learn vocabulary and it’s been very fun. The students relate to the technology (they’re 7 through 11 years old) so I’m feeling really positive about it.

Creating new projects made me realize we are more capable than we think and it gives me the greatly exciting feeling that my brain can’t stop working. It also makes me very excited to think about how to create more dynamic and more efficient projects so we can continue to teach young learners to become the new generation of X people.


Ritengo tutte e quattro le P importanti nel nostro lavoro. Il progettare permette di pensare all’obiettivo da ragggiungere…è un progettare il nostro intervento avendo bene in mente la meta. La passione dovrebbe essere parte del DNA di ogni educatore. I colleghi dovrebbero essere fonte di ispirazione e confronto perché non si può crescere da soli e anche perché l’uomo è un animale sociale (come disse qualcuno!!!). Il gioco deve far parte dell’apprendimento perché non esiste motivazione migliore della gioia e del divertimento per aiutare i nostri ragazzi. Detto questo la P per me fondamentale è la PASSIONE, dalla quale possono crescere a grappolo le altre. Un insegnante senza motivazione è una mina vagante a cui vengono affidati dei ragazzi che per definizione sono delle micce capaci di far scoppiare anche un santo.


I choose Play as I strongly believe that it nurtures creativity. We find new solutions, new ways to approach a problem and get innovative in reaching in our goals. It is what differentiates a child who is free from someone who has created a boundary. Play makes us free and happy . We need to include Play in all areas of our lives to make it more interesting, lovable and fun! Moreover, learning with Play is the most creative thing which can boost our happiness and learning abilities.