Projects for 7th and 8th grade geometry standards


I am seeking some ideas to help a group of math teachers out with developing some hands on projects for their geometry standards. I am thinking Scratch might be good, but looking for other ideas


I’m quite fond of unit origami:
The most obvious classroom use of this activity is to strengthen vocabulary. (Start with a rhombus and fold in two 45-45-90 triangles to get a square. Next, fold along the diagonal of the square that lies along the hypotenuse of the two triangles…) I hope you’ll also be able to use it to discuss length, area, and volume.

Key Curriculum Press has an entire unit on a “star-building unit” similar to this one:

You might also consider a paper airplane contest of some sort.


Yes, origami is definitely a fun way to teach mathematics. I have a community page dedicated to teaching math with origami.

I also have a YouTube channel with some tutorial videos.

Here is a link to a lesson I wrote as well.

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We did a string art project. It took a long time; the only prep I did was cutting boards. The students had to create a fabric pattern, cut their pattern to cover the board, use a staple gun to attach it. Then nail on their design with finishing nails, remove the pattern and do the stringing. Many found knot tying a real struggle. A little dab of glue is helpful to keep the knot knotted.

ScratchMaths. Here’ s the big idea. Maths is difficult in part because of the language in which it is expressed. … Spans 6 modules of work and 40+ hours of activities. Incorporates teacher guides, classroom presentations, Scratch starter projects.
There a few ideas worth exploring here;