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Great conversation indeed. It seems @cyberparra’s idea of making a poll about this question has led to interesting insights…

I feel myself part of this trend of neglecting peers, because I had always a tendency (specially as a child) towards solitude & learning on my own. Of course, learning stuff on my own (= without a teacher) led to great learning experiences (what someone called ProPaPla :wink: ). But I’m progressively shifting towards peer learning as an adult, and this kind of learning communities feel like wonder now (thanks LCLers!!).

So as a statement I changed my vote from Play (my usual choice) to Peers.


So one of the motivations to create a SDLC (self-directed learning center) Is for this reason. I have four kiddos and we use SDL mostly for our homeschooling. We have a makerspace in our garage with electronics, 3D printers, a laser cutter, wood working and automotive tools as well as tons of engineering manipulative and art supplies. You would think my kiddos would be creating all the time but they don’t. They tend to sit and consume media with the occasional creative burst. We started a SDLC pilot in our home with an additional 6+ other children (not our own) added to the mix and bam my kiddos are cooking, creating art, using the makerspace to make stuff, playing board games inside and large motor games outside. They are creating more in one day than they were doing in a week without their peers there. The simple addition of more creative minds (and POVs) into the mix has created a change that, if I didn’t know better, I’d call magical.


I think is really hard to get a group peer passion in a classroom with little people with different passions and interest. How can I develop and get to know their passion as a group and direction this into a peer group project in a Reggio environment?


Good question
I hope you will find the answers during this new round of LCL.
Anyway I suggest you to create a new topic inside “Week1” where you can share this question with everyone here and see the suggestions from other peers :wink:


Do you have a morning meeting or reflection? That is where our ALC kiddos find common ground for expressing their passions. An ALC is similar to a Reggio environment. We use Agile tools to facilitate the morning meetings. Are your kiddos preschool aged? That does make it harder as many of them are still in the parallel play phase.


Se tens uma paixão, tens combustível interno para um projeto. Se a paixão traz prazer agregado o projeto está lançado. Para não desanimar os pares podem ajudar (às vezes). Portanto para mim há 3 ps (projeto, paixão e prazer) desenvolver um projeto que dê asas a uma paixão dá prazer de ser concretizado. Os pares podem ser úteis… ou talvez nem por isso, depende…


Persistence and here I would include resilience are sometimes in short supply in learners. Children seem to need other to do things for them and if we do so we do them no good.


It is something we look forward to do from the vey first moment we started doing it.
It may change through the years, but it will always be our reinforcer after doing work.
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열정이 가장 중요해요! 열정이 없으면 시작조차 하지 못하니까요!


For me, play is the best important thing for pupils. It makes them start something and feel like a fun… If i pick another one except play, then it will be passion. but every 4 p is important, of course.