Pick a P! Survey Version!


I think this is an interesting reflection, especially when you think about what the role of teacer should be. Allot of the time educators focus on creating the projects, rather than focising on helping students expand their play, work well with their peers or encouraging passions. Perhaps these need more attention especially post kindergarten.


PLAY. It is the way I need to learn all new software user interfaces for effective memory of motor skills. :sunglasses:


It was hard to pick a P! I ended up choosing Projects just because I really enjoy the projects that I create as an ECE and have done when I was a little kid. My parents still has some of these projects till this very day. I enjoy the process rather than the end goal because it can include materials, work effort, teamwork & collaborating, express and exchanging ideas and many more key points.


Hard choice indeed!
I chose “peers” though, simply because looking at the world today we are too much inside our own shells, and I see that some kids don’t really know how to interact with others. Some of them don’t learn the social skills, so I think that if we can find creative ways to help them understand that it will make their “play” enjoyable, “passion” constructive and “projects” manageable and attainable. :slight_smile:



I chose passion because, when you are in love with something you obviously wants to know more about it, sometimes you will search hard and go deep.


I placed Peers as the most important component of the 4 P’s, simply because it can be used as an organic motivator for the other 3 P’s. By Playing with peers, kids learn from each other. By working on Projects from peers, they learn how to collaborate for a mutual goal. Even though Passion isn’t quite a social concept, it’s more of an individual emotion or state of mind if you will. That said, kids do learn from each other organically, they do feed off each others energy…


It seems to me that every single P is important and connected to each other. However, the most preference of mine goes to Play because it the action part. This part is always realistic and real life situation. It is more practical and help me to engage both physically and mentally. When someone is engaged it means you are going through some excitements with many ups and down situations, but it gives the ownership of something that helps to feel proud! Play always develop skills of application when our brain process the most by seeing things through different dimensions.



I am working on teaching business topics to adult learners through games and play. We built a simulation game that asks small groups to work together to experiment and solve some problems. The feedback we have been given is “this is great, we love it!, Now make a version that people can play alone”. The conversations and arguments among team members are the best part. I can’t seem to make myself to take that part out even though that is what the customers are asking us to do.


I think Passion is important. With passion one will be willing to play. When that happens, it will be contagious and the peers will be influenced. Hope I’m on the right track :stuck_out_tongue:


I will have to choose Passion. As already mention by others, i think it provides all the energy you need to make things happen.


Anche io ero indecisa tra Play / Passion, ma ho pensato che a volte è il gioco a fare nascere la passione.


Hi ,
I choose Project . Because “Project based learning” is one of the best way to bring innovations from the children .It helps them to compete with the real world ideas.It initiates student mental abilities, self-confidence and adroit.


Passion…I guess, because no matter what happens even if sometimes there are challenges that you face in life, Passion fuels you to be able to do the Project with your Peers thru Play…


I really don´t want to pick ONE of these four Ps. In my world they are all interrelated and dependent on eachother. There is one of the P´s that I would like to change though… I would like to swap Project with Process. :slight_smile:


Loved your comment @asa_sundelin! I often think about that Project/Process relation! For me what’s powerful about working on projects is the opportunity to reflect on the process! We need more P’s! :smiley:


That’s a very interesting observation @cyberparra! I’ll try to give Peers another chance here! :smiley:

I’m wondering about all the different ways in with peers influence and facilitate our learning. I see collaborating (and negotiating) on a project as one of many ways of working with peers. Peers affect us also when we are working alone, for example when we get inspiration or remix other people’s work, when we get or provide help or feedback, or when we have someone who we’d like to share our project with!

I agree that working with others can be frustrating or even detrimental sometimes, that’s why the work of balance that you are describing is, I believe, at the hearth of the fine art of being an educator.

I’d like to learn more about how to cultivate and support communities of peers who are who are friendly, respectful and constructive. I think the world really needs that.
And that’s why, also in this edition, I’ll choose Peers! :smile:


I I completely agree about the interrelation between the Ps; and of course it is not a matter of a race between the Ps nor declaring the winning P :slight_smile:
I think it’s interesting instead, to see how each P is perceived by people here and make some reflections; for instance, why the P-Peers is so far from the others, only 9% till now ( I have an idea about that), and why Play and Passion are the most selected.


Passion would be the one I would choose. For me to be my best I would need to have a passion on what I am facing or doing.


Thanks! We talk alot at my work about the pace that everything is moving nowadays. In our world there is never an ending only new beginnings. One result leads to another process. Constant movement.
:slight_smile: Åsa


The best thing is to read many different ideas and points of view! In my opinion, the most important P is PASSION! It would be the “fuel” to develop projects, find new peers and engage in play. If I am passionate about something, I’ll go for it!