Pick a P! Survey Version!


Maybe, but since we were asked to pick one out of four one would expect a more fair distribution of choices,


Interesting observations… poor peers! :slight_smile:

I also find this unbalance quite surprising…
as @julie6 suggests, maybe we take it for granted in all the other P’s.

I wonder how learning would look like if we were playfully engaged in making projects we care about, but we had no one to learn with, or to share with…

Actually this reflection is making me re-evaluate the role of others in my own learning - a project like LCL that I’m very passionate about (ok, obsessed…) wouldn’t even exist!! And funny enough, I’m learning all of this thanks to the interaction with my peers here!

Therefore, today vote for Peers (no offense dear Play!)
We should give Peers a chance! :wink:


I indeed love this conversation

We all should know, I guess, the great value of Peers in learning. There are non doubts that learning is a social activity, and we learn more when sharing with others, loooking at others, remixing other’s projects.

But I guess the reason of scarse vote for Peers is that the value of Collaborations Sharing Remixing is not yet taken into account as should be.
Therefore as @tarmelop said: “give Peers a chance!”
(anyway my vote remain for PLAY :joy:)

Ok, now let me go ahead with some free reflections / provocations
Talking in general sense, Can we say that the Project-Passion-Play Ps (let me call it ProPaPla) don’t require the presence of Peers-P?

You can have ProPaPla experiences alone. A part of our learning activities occurs when we are alone, alone with our mind and ideas. It is important to me to have "your time to be alone with your thoughts, free to explore without the need to negotiate with others.
We generally should have a balance between alone/pairs/peers activites.

Sometimes Peers don’t allow someone to have ProPaPla experiences: because of conformism, bullism, closed groups, prevarication, or just because of differents personality (introversion/extroversion)
As educator I see many times some kids who want to impose their will, also in rude mode, and ohter kids who passively accept and/or fail to have their proposals accepted.

[…continue I guess]


I believe that all of the p’s are imperative to authentic and long lasting learning. I selected passion because I believe that it is the “gateway p” to the others. We play with what we feel passionate about, we associate with peers we feel passionate about, and we spend time working on, revising, and bettering projects we are passionate about.


Well, I can start with project, because with every project comes problems, and I am passionate about problem solving. However, problem solving is better accomplished with collaboration of peers, and play kind of sums it all up, right?

   Sono P molto significative. 

Ho scelto passione perché è una P sempre presente in tutte le mie attività e iniziative lavorative e personali,mi aiuta a dare il meglio di me…


Passion-- it carries you through when nothing else will. If you’re passionate, you have a purpose and a determination and motivation.


It has to be Projects - through a project you express your passion through playing with your ideas, and your peers will always be involved and/or affected :wink:


I would choose projects as it would give me a little structure or better still some direction wherein i can play around creatively with the other 3 Ps , and I sort of enjoy doing that.


I think it is fair to say that punctually, ProPaPla (I’m happy I don’t have to say it out loud ahah) can work. I can imagine a child bored in his bedroom who will read a book about dinosaurs (passion), start playing with his toys pretending to be dinosaurs (play), and decide that he wants to create a dinosaur’s house (that will fit all his dinosaurs (project). He’ll look for the materials, start building it, and will definitely learn things in the process.

But in the same way, you can learn punctually without play (which is something that happens too often at school), without a proper project, or without passion (we all know things from fields that we are not passionate about, because the 3 other P were there). I think the key word here is “Lifelong”. The 4 P become important over time. It is a balance to find between those 4 that will make the learning deep and most of all joyful in an extended period of time :slight_smile:

I personally voted for Play as I believe this is the most ideal starting point for a learning journey :slight_smile:


In our school system collaboration is promoted among pupils but not between teachers.
But everytime I’ve worked with colleagues, I have learnt a lot, both in personal and professional terms.


I even like the word “projects”. It sort of incorporates all of the “P”'s, in my opinion!


I would instinctively answer Passion.
Thinking about it I say Play. Because?

Because I believe the moment when a passionate and motivated child (a boy, an adult, …) begins a new challenge is the key instant of experience. And this moment can only be a really fun time, a situation where you get involved.

I think that moment, that instant, is the key to the other 3Ps.

In the words of Baden Powell:

Play, do not stand looking!

English translation of my original post in the Italian Language Group.


They are all amazing and important and interconnected. I want to speak up for peers here, because if you’re doubting your passion or feeling like the play is slipping away, a good peer group can get you back on the right foot!


I have to pick play! Being trained to teach using constructivist theory, I think it is important to implement the idea of play whenever possible. I think if kids have choice in what they are working on, they view it more as play and are, in turn, more motivated to complete the assignment.


yes it is


I chose projects because I enjoy creating things. I feel accomplished when I complete projects. I also sometimes think about how I can make them better the next time.


I agree. In all scenarios of learning I felt that learning will require a mix of all 4P’s and as educator understanding when to use what P is what is important. Are teachers even the ones supposed to choose what P to employ? :thinking:


Peers Plays an important rule even if at first sight seems that everyone is focused on something else


So well said, jhac9453. I, too, vote for passion–enthusiastically!