Pick a P! Survey Version!


Week 1 - Reflection: What is your preferred P?
(survey already populated from previous round)

  • Projects
  • Passion
  • Peers
  • Play

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[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!
[Riflessione 1] Scegliete una P!
[Riflessione 1] Scegliete una P!
[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!

It’s really hard to pick one of the Ps, however if I have to then it’s Passion and Peers. If you are passionate about something, it obviously becomes your driving force. And this force gains it’s momentum when you have supportive and constructive peers who either share your passion or even the ones who might challenge it.


mmm difficult. maybe Play because it’s so powerful to set kids free from self-judgement and self-prejudice


One is not enough!! I chose Play, because of what Sara said…thank you sara for sharing!!
But I want to highlight Passion too…most of the time passion is the only energy you need to go forward and don’t give up when things becomes difficult!!


@cyberparra this is cool!


I would chose Passion and its synonyms, enthusiasm, excitement and zeal and its close cousin and one of its offspring, persistence. Passion provides drive and a sense of ownership, a desire to overcome hurdles and achieve. Passion can be contagious and attractive to others thereby generating peer groups, making a project that might otherwise be regarded as mundane, interesting or exciting. The enthusiasm engendered makes ‘play’ out of work.



Interesting observations about passion. When I thought of the word my first instinct was to think about hobbies but your synonyms have me thinking about other ideas now.


It’s a tough one - Play or Passion. I can’t quite decide


En extremo fascinante esta encuesta que refleja nuestras preferencias y decisiones existenciales ante las 4P propuestas…

Los compañeros, la humanidad, nosotros mismos quedamos de último… casi insignificantes en un espacio generado para, precisamente, ello: Comunidad, compartir, compañeros con sus 4P cada uno:

P de sus Pasiones…
P de sus Proyectos…
P de sus Juegos (Play)…
P de sus compañeros (Peer)…

No somos solo Pasión, no solo jugamos (Play), no solo tenemos o existimos por los Proyectos y nuestra esencia no son solo los compañeros, ante ello, ¿Por qué fragmentarnos? si no se puede hacer y no es conveniente, ni siquiera intentarlo, ya que somos la totalidad inseparable que existe desde su proporción y no desde su equilibrio.

5% los compañeros… ¡Muy interesante!

Bienestar para ti y gracias por leer estas reflexiones…


Projects, proyectos. Como maestra trabajo construyendo proyectos de conocimiento integrado con niños de todas las edades y pienso que es a través de estos que se desarrolla la pasión por trabajar con metas individuales y en común, el gusto por jugar a? a lo que quieran los niños a ser bomberos, a ser Egipcios, a ser peces y además no se puede lograr solo se necesita de los otros para armarlo.


I picked Peers. Seeing how my sons grew up and interacted with his peers, I saw that Peers indeed have very big influence in his learning & development.


I chose projects because I enjoy art and making things but I often don’t set aside as much time as I should unless there is a project to finish. Having a project helps me engage with the play and tap into my passions in my own way.


Me gusta trabajar por proyectos pero creo que todas las otras P´s se aplican, ya que se requiere la pasión para poder lograr el objetivo, la colaboración de los estudiantes y maestros y al realizar y presentar el proyecto resulta divertido es como jugar y en ese juego se aprende haciendo, compartiendo, colaborando.


I chose Passion because it means that people care. Legitimately caring about the topic or whatever you’re doing is the first step to success–otherwise you could easily get stuck and not go anywhere.
However, I also like Project. This is mostly from my own personal experiences. I love putting together projects, making ideas real, and no me nothing else compares. I mostly do this with stories(ex: short stories, mini-movies), but other things work as well(ex: events, projects on sites like Scratch or Toonator).


Eu escolho projeto, pois, sou projetista de formação e adoro ficar inventando moda. Mas digo que, sem a paixão nada disso teria sentido. Aplicar o conhecimento dentro de um contexto, onde, através disso podemos ver resultados positivos é muito bom.


Play is the most important to me, the experience of play enables individuals to truly open their mind to possibilities, creation and innovation.


Passion, I want to understand more why people get more excited about one thing than another? why we get crazy about certain things? how can we foster passion? I think that of all Ps, passion is the core of the whole process. Passion is something deprived from many people. Passion is something that many find hard to understand. Passion is something that when you realize it, you become aware it is the most important aspect of your journey. Passion structures the entire learning process. Projects, Play, and Peers are tools and processes along the way that helps us finding our passion, encourage the passion of others, being passionate together.


What’s wrong with PEERS?


Interesting question; it seems that other Ps are more excting…:thinking:


It’s probably because “peers” is included in some other concepts (play and project, maybe passion too).