Peers for Troubleshooting this Scratch Project


Hello friends,

I work with 21 school districts in STEM education. I have some teachers in one building where I help support working on creating a maze example.

Here is their project -

Here is what they are stuck on - We are working on creating a scratch game that kids can connect to MakeyMakey for hour of code on Friday. We are having difficulty getting the tacos to stay in the same place. It appears that when they hit a boundary on the edge of the screen that they move get pushed together. Do you have any suggestions how we can fix this? We tried zooming it in at the same rate of the maze, but that does not appear to be working.

I want to show them various solutions to this problem so they can see how there are no “one” perfect answer as well as get them to think about this being the task for kids to solve.

But, I want to know how you would solve this solution. Would some of you be willing to share your solution so I can give them a playlist of answers?


The project is unreachable; is it shared?


Try this one


I came up with this version made w/ Scratch