My Favorite Things


I really enjoyed making a scratch piece about all my favorite things. Once I got the hang of it, it became much easier (I still have a lot of learning to do). I wish I was more tech savvy because Scratch would be a very handy tool to have in the classroom. I think if I continue to play around with it, I’ll become more knowledgable on how to use it properly. For my favorite things, I did a beach, traveling (airplane), penguin and basketball. I picked these things not only because they’re my favorite, but also because they are my passions. In week 3, it talks all about passions and how finding these things can enhance learning. When a student discovers something they are good at or develops a passion that they love, it’s like a lightbulb turns on for them. Not only is their minds into but their hearts are as well. When I found the passion of basketball, it changed my life. I focused a lot of my time and talents on basketball till I was pretty good at it. I loved to play and I loved everything about the sport. If I could have transferred my passion for basketball into a passion for learning, I think my schooling would have been much different.

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