My Favorite Things Project


I am not very tech savvy even though I was born in the millennial generation. I would rather be engrossed in a book or conversation rather than learning about new technologies.

So this assignment did not excite me at first. I initially planned on choosing something really simple and completing it for the sake of completion. I am really passionate about languages, especially the Spanish language, so I thought I would incorporate that into my project.

Once I got started, I could not stop. I decided to make it an interactive learning tool for the Spanish language and included pictures and content from my own experiences to create a more meaningful and realistic context. I learned how to ask questions on Scratch, how to solve problems such as lagging, and how to record my own voice and include it in the project. It took me multiple hours but I enjoyed every second! I am not one to enjoy working with technology for an extended time, but since I was working on something I am passionate about, it was a whole new experience.

I learned for myself how learning feels when it includes our own individual passions. This experience has inspired me to include my own students’ passions in their work and encourage them to create past their expectations!

Check out my project!


Elisa! I found you in the middle of this!

I’m totally with you on not being as tech savvy as I thought I’d be! This stuff is frustrating!
Although, I wouldn’t rather be in a book, I would MUCH rather be playing a sport or talking with friends.

Also, once I got started all I wanted to do was stop LOL! That’s why you’re a much better student then me :wink:

I do think creativity is important, but I also think the simplicity of it is important as well.
Far too tedious things will get boring quick & lack of motivation will occur (Hence, myself).

BUT yours is amazinggggg. good work girl! <3

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