Methods to find out children's interests areas/passions?


Hi everybody,
I am curious about what are the ways to learn a group of children’s interests/passions, lets say just in the beginning of a making course/workshop. My view is simply to ask the kids about their interest areas in a brainstorming session. But are there any other formal/structured approaches for this?


I have been given ‘interest inventories’ before to help find out about my students passions. a quick google will give a bunch. In some ways I think a bit of structure could be very helpful because it is such a broad topic, people may get a bit lost in the open…
I have played the samesies game before: find someone who like the same physical activity as you… the same art activity… same game… etc. I’m able to ask pairs or groups what their shared thing is, and it builds connectivity with in the group: we are drawn to similarities and shared likes.


Thank you MissMissShelly! havent heard about interest inventories before. Will definitely check them out. Thank you for sharing your experiences as well.


I will stay to here :slight_smile:,i’m thinking to do some activites with small group of kids in next summer holidays .