Let's talk about 'GRADES'


Where does an educational institution’s grading system fit in creative learning?
I can only see GRADES as serving to seclude and restrain learning.

Encouraging Inclusion in the Maker Classroom

It’s tricky. Had a talk from Brian Aspinall (@mraspinall on twitter) was drawing a distinction between assessment and evaluation… assessment being feedback to help the learner grow and evaluation being the grades. There is a need for accountability… I’m paid by taxpayers to cover a specific curriculum, determined by the Minister of Education of my province (because of language conflicts, Education in Canada is governed on a provincial rather than federal level), and the grades are meant to reflect a student’s accomplishments with that curriculum.
Fair evaluation is a whole other bag of potatoes… How one teacher evaluates compared to another gets really tricky.
I’ve been thinking about your posts and how it seems like you too have some challenges with the nature of institutions. I would like to pass on a recommendation: Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace
I have had such profound disagreements with a former boss, I ended up with a big ugly burn out and this book has some really helpful insights.


Thx I will check this out. You are right. I def need to improve my acumen. I am very much speaking to the heart of ‘institution’ in higher learning. And developing design collateral to recreate these ‘institutions’. It just takes time.


and allies. I keep thinking about my dad’s struggles with set practices and his bottom line as a teacher was knowing the guiding documentation, when he met his legal responsibilities and knew his rights, he was able to shift his teaching style and practice to meet his objectives. He developed allies through friendships with colleagues in the Dept of Ed. and that helped when he was implementing different programs.
I’ve been working on my acumen, on picking my battles with care, or side-stepping battles and getting on with what interests me. It’s helped me a lot.