Let's talk about 'DATA'


What role does DATA serve in MAKING? NARRATIVE??

Right now, my thoughts are only abstract:


Thanks @jpaskett for raising this question. It seems like a new world of discussion altogether…
By any chance are you eager to know something about how to use data to quantify education children are having? Or do you want to know about Data Science & Education…

In fact, Sayamindu Dasgupta (an ex-student of MIT Media Lab) has extensively worked on Data Science and Children’s education. You may check a few of his papers published in SIGCHI (e.g. -“Youth Perspectives on Critical Data Literacies”) or take a look at some of these links below,

  1. Children’s Perspectives on Critical Data Literacies

  2. Here is an article about Data Science…

  3. Also, you can read this one that talks about supporting children in doing Data Science

Hope these blogs will give you some insight for now… If you have more questions or anything in specific that you are looking for … please post them as well…, thanks!


This is awesome. It seems to have unlocked new social interactions at the platform level.

Something I was thinking of is a more practical data modeling. Like,
‘There is THIS, here.’ and ‘then there is HERE, like this.’ Diagrammatically building data models. This could be done along a storybook to demonstrate how data is used in narrative making visually.

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I wanted to know where does data come into making. How does this effect the constraints. Mediums?