Let's talk about 'ART'


" If we define the task of hermeneutics as the bridging of personal or historical distance between minds, then the experience of art would ‘seem’ to fall entirely outside its province. For of all the things that confront us in nature and history, it is the work of art that speaks to us most directly. "


" I never made a painting as a work of art, it’s all research. "

—Pablo Picasso

In some ways, the name is a misnomer, insofar as it has been taken to mean that art is “self-expression,” the outward representation of inner feelings. This interpretation fits with the prevailing ethos of the times – “Express yourself!” – but it is not a helpful starting point for understanding the work of the arts." – Levine & Levine, 'Art in Action’

“We do art with intention,” says programs manager Karol Hernandez. Every project has an empowering theme. Afterward, mentors debrief the kids and ask stimulating questions about the art. Hernandez worked with a young boy named King, about five or six years old, who was staying in an area where a body was discovered. For a dream catcher art project, the children were told to draw a favorite dream. King confided that he only had nightmares. She asked him to imagine a good dream and shared one of hers—featuring cotton candy clouds and gumball grass. He was inspired and agreed to try. A volunteer helped him step-by-step—putting on beads, weaving yarn, and attaching feathers. He asked Hernandez if she was sure it would capture his nightmares. She told him to believe, the way he believed in her, to stay positive, and he would have good dreams. By the end of the module, he gave staff a thank you card and said he couldn’t wait for the next session." – Elder, 'Play, Art, Caring

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I appreciate this thread. Last year I attended a workshop that inspired me to pivot from working w startups to working with artists. While I appreciate being able to speak both languages, this pivot is healing my soul. Startup land can feel like an onion article at times. That was wearing on me…

Do you know the book Art & Fear? It’s one of my faves. The authors embrace the spirit of that well known Chuck Close quote:

“Inspiration is for amateurs–the rest of us just show up and get to work.”


I’d like to lob a favorite image into this thread, as I believe it strikes relevant chords with most/all of the selected quotes above.

Dubuffet, Le Noctambule (1961)

What do you notice?