LCL Week 1 + Unhangouts Recap


It was great meeting everyone yesterday in the three different Unhangout live video sessions we hosted!

  1. Each session started with a quick recap of week 1, by Mitch (@mres) , Carmelo (@tarmelop) and Moran (@morant):
  1. Then, we broke into smaller groups, where people discussed their experiences in the first week of LCL, things that excited them and questions they have.

  2. At the end, we came back together to talk about people’s reflections from the small group discussions, here an example from our first session of the day, where we were also joined by Katherine (@katherine)

If you haven’t participated - we hope this gives you a sense of what we did, and maybe we’ll see you next week!
If you participated - share your experiences here replying to this post!

I missed the Unhangout :(
Week 2 starts today!
Unable to Unhangout
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Week 1 Updates!

Hi LCL Team!
I participated in the 9am EST session, but was having a lot of tech issues with my Unhangout. Initially I connected on my Macbook Pro using Safari, which seemed to work well until we broke out into the Groups - then I tried switching over to Firefox but still had issues with the audio + video hanging. Not sure if it’s something needing to be upgraded on my machine or what to try to fix. Is there a test area for trying out Unhangout with your computer to check and see everything is working as expected? Thanks!! Kristen


Hi Kristen,

Sorry about that! And yes, the breakout rooms only work with Chrome or Firefox for now.

@katherine - any thoughts about a test area for Unhangouts?


Hey @khilley – we have an open Unhangout that you can go into and join a breakout room to test your set-up. You can find it here –

Feel free to ping me with other questions!


Yay! Thank you so much for this info @katherine. I will be sure to check it out before next week’s Unhangout. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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