LCL gathering in San Francisco!


Hello everyone!

I just discussed with @tarmelop and it happens that he will be in San Francisco this week, so that’s a great occasion to meet if you are in the area :slight_smile: Who would be available for a gathering some time this week?

@shriya, @TheSquareSchool, @Brenda, @AndiW, @peeryo, @muzzygator, @karen, @b_cavello?

Looking forward to meeting amazing people!



Adding @Kathleen_Arada, @aslan, @ncuadro, @fungt and @Valentina to the list :slight_smile:

(I got your names/pseudo from the “introduce yourself” topic in the forum)


Magari !!!
@tarmelop quando sarà possibile fare un progetto di scambio REMIDA e voi?


Tremendous! I’d love to. I’m in NYC until Friday afternoon, but maybe folks would be down for happy hour or alternatively a Sunday brunch?

How long is @tarmelop in town?


He told me 1 week, but maybe @tarmelop you can share with us your availabilities?

I would be available this weekend too, including for a Sunday brunch, hopefully celebrating French victory :grin:


Hello @Mathieu_Penot and LCL friends!
I’m always super excited to meet creative learners in person!! :smile:

My flight to Boston on Sunday morning so I can’t make it for brunch, but my Saturday afternoon/night is pretty open!

Also, this Thursday I’ll be at the Exploratorium After Night event, maybe we can meet there:

Hope to see many of you soon!