LCL Community Updates


Hello Creative Learners!

Lily and I wanted to share a quick video message to:

  • Acknowledge the tech issues with the last Unhangout call and invite you to the next ones - every Monday at 9am and 4pm (Boston time)
  • Share part of the motivation behind the activity and the reflection of this week
  • Invite you to connect with other people in the community

If you like them, we can make more! And you can make video updates, too!!
Share your thoughts with us, and with the rest of the community!

Happy creative learning!


Yes, we want more!! :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:





Thank you!
You are very welcoming!
Best regards!


Hola comunidad!
Aquí les comparto un proyecto que tengo subido a mi cuenta pública de

Gimnasia en la playa

Para aclimatarnos un poco al verano que se aproxima en el Hemisferio Sur!

Best regards!