It's OKAY to run slow sometime... it reminds me of a Marathon! :D


Hello dear friends,

When we are running a Marathon, it’s okay to take our own time and come back later on at our own pace…

Sharing a few thoughts in this context… :smiley:

Last year, I had so many engagements in life and upheavals that despite attempting to start the LCL course with a lot of enthusiasm, I couldn’t keep up with the flow. While comparatively this year, I could devote much more time to it and perhaps go through some of the tutorials or videos that I had missed last year. Also it was so much fun reading everybody’s posts…

So, hereby sharing my experience, I would suggest my friends, if anyone is falling behind for any reason whatsoever, like time difference or any festival at home, or any personal reason… you may always come back and post here your questions… I guess someone will be around to leave a comment and guide you… to start all over again from where you left…

Again, sometimes the use of technology could be a challenge for some of you. Please feel free to write here… the LCL Team and facilitators are always there to help! :slight_smile:




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( So true… I don’t have enough like buttons & heart emojis, Mohona… )


ha ha ha :smile: @frjurado your comments are fair enough to support the thought! Thank you!