Introducing myself


Andrea here in Parkes NSW Australia and looking to learn from all the amazing people doing fantastic things in a creative way. We have used SCRATCH in our library and also BLENDER, looking to share and learn.


Welcome. How have you used blender in creative learning?


Hello! How have you used BLENDER? Have you used it with kids?


At Parkes Library we have run a Blender tutorial program for local high school students. They met in our computer room for an hour session once a week for 7 weeks. We used the fabulous guided projects on the raspberry pi website[]=blender. These are easy to follow and the website at least uses a lot of colour (unlike the Blender environment which looks so dull). Also the tips and fun ideas from Blender Guru’s beginner tutorials on youtube were invaluable and I have incorporated some of his tricks into the program. His shortcut sheet is well-worth getting. We are about to run another 6 week program for primary school kids. Due to it’s popularity we have slotted in 2 classes this time. The high school students picked up Blender fairly easily. It might take the primary school students a little longer but I expect they will master it as well. We will be using a big tv screen for demonstrations. The Blender open movies are inspiring and we plan to show some of these too. If the teens finished their work early they usually used the extra time to play around on Blender by themselves and make their own creations which is vital for truly learning a software.


Have reponded to NataliaDicandia so please read our response to her question if you need anything further please let me know.


Thank you! :wink:


Hi Andrea, do you work with “Lego we do” and scratch in a physical computing environment, I am developing idea’s around Lego we do builds and Scratch GPIO and the basics of electronic and python 3.


Hi Leo,
Sorry we don’t do any of those things yet. Maybe one day!

Good luck,