How do you motivate students to iterate?


I had a bad teaching day yesterday. My students were supposed to come to class with revisions of their projects and most of them didn’t.

In my experience, motivating students to go beyond an initial draft is hard. So I’m looking for tips and tricks on how to help them take it up a notch.

QUESTION: How do YOU motivate students to iterate? Please include stories of your experience (I’ve got a “learn by example” type of brain)


I agree this can be really difficult. Maybe ask them to apply their project to a new group of people, context, or to solve a new problem. I also love asking students to remix each others’ work to get this process started.


Good question! From my PE background, one of the biggest ways to get people to change behaviour is show them examples of people doing the behaviour you want to see… that whole keeping up to the Joneses phenomena.
Wish I had a more specific example to share with you, or a more specific source for reference. My memory works with generalities rather than specifics.