How are you using LCL with your peers outside the online community?


Hi all!

We are curious about how you are using LCL resources (videos, readings, etc.) outside this online environment, like meeting up to work on the activities together, watch videos and have a discussion, tinker with activity ideas and trying it in your workshop, etc.

We’ve been super enjoying the posts in “Connect in real life!” thread in this Open Topics category learning how people are connecting in person from LCL----we would love to know more about how, if any, LCL are being used to connect with people, LCL or non LCL people around you, so we can better support the process in the future iteration!

Hope to hear from you!

Week 6 in the LCL Community!

I have included LCL resources within my research library. Sharing the resources across my many project Lit Reviews. Referencing them up in conversations with contemporaries.


I shared all the LCL resources and links with my Professors at Computer Engineering Department. They are really interested and following the course offline. We meet once a week to talk about what we can do for Turkish community, and LCL resources support us in our brainstorming sessions.

A quick note: Most people think they missed the course because it has been already started. I emphasized that they can register and follow the course in their own pace :slight_smile:

Thanks again! Merve


Excellent! Thanks for sharing. Curious how’s the responses you are getting. Are videos /readings helpful? Is there anything you find struggle to share with your colleagues?


Awesome, thanks for sharing!! That’s the very good point and the point we are wondering how to communicate ourselves better… in surveys we see a lot of comments regretting/feeling bad not being able to catch up–thanks for your effort sharing that it is open and available resource that can be explored anytime :slight_smile:


Me and my new friend @dpavani10 agreed to work and share ideas or experiences among ourselves!


There are some that see the course as introductory. Others: Inaccessible.
Many read the literature in the past. I would ask, are there any contemporary writing on the state of art?


Wow! In that case @Hajer.R , Pavani and I decided to meet through a Hangout Call sometimes this Tuesday (morning PST), do you think you would like to join us?


Very good point, although LCL is more focused on introducing the original thoughts of creative learning, there are lots of things coming out more recently like Makeology. Maybe we should do a new thread asking for reading recommendation??

I am curious what was the reasons for those who felt “Inaccessible.” Would you unpack a little bit? I am curious!


@Mohona @Hajer.R Love hearing you are starting to connect with one another! Share your pics when you get connected :slight_smile:


Well i’ll try to join with you :heart_eyes:


Inaccessible, because there is a perceived burden of online learning.


@yumikom… we had a great conversation today… with Pavani and Hajer… :blush: I am glad we could connect people sitting at two extreme corners of the world…, and I am glad I could meet two wonderful women who are taking care of children at home while also helping the society with Education, within their limits… Thanks to LCL!


I’m super happy to meet both of you ,even i’had proplem with conection.