How are you doing?

Hello LCL community!

We wanted to check in with you during this difficult time, as this global health crisis affects everyone, and particularly puts strain on the educators in our community. We are thinking of you all.

We would like to use the forum to stay in touch, share resources, and support each other this spring. Please feel free to make threads on topics that you think could be relevant.

How is everyone doing? Whether or not you’ve participated in LCL in the past, please feel free to say hello, we’d love to meet you!

Hugs and solidarity,
The LCL Team


Hello! I am fine. Thank you and I hope you are fine too. I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I am a physics teacher. We are in middle semester rest.


Thank you, for checking in. It is nice to know we are all thinking about each other. I am in NY (long Island). Schools are getting ready for virtual sessions. I am not sure how successful this rollout will be for our young learners. I do hope they get the support. I look forward to the other thread with resources to share with the community.
It’s also mid-terms for me at school. So a little bit more stress added to the mixture.
Keeping the faith and sunshine close,


Thank you, Lily. I really appreciate the thought. I live and work, now from home, in a red area of northern Italy.
I feel close to you. Reading about your concern makes me serene.


Io vivo a Trani città del sud, Puglia, la situazione è tesa ma non drammatica.
Me la passo bene in casa, lavoro per i miei alunni di classe 5, preparo le lezioni e le invio sul registro elettronico.
Grazie per il pensiero.


Hello everybody. I’m in Brazil. I am very concerned about the crisis.
This week I was particularly frustrated because I was going to make a workshop teaching how to assemble your own Arduino. It was an event to celebrate Arduinos Day. I know that this is nothing serious compared to people who are sick and helpless (sorry for my english).


Wishing all of the tinkerers and makers well, thankful that we have resources like scratch to explore with students. hope everyone is safe and healthy.


Ciao a tutti, grazie. Siete meravigliosi e sono contenta di esser parte di questa bella comunità!


Hi all

This is a wonderful and welcome sentiment and I applaud you for the initiative to create connection in these strange times.

On my end (in Washington, DC) many businesses and services are shut-down and most individuals are confined to teleworking, though the disruption has felt more severe than it has actually been. My wife and I are well and fortunate, though certainly wary and concerned about the state of things.

We hope that we can each help those in need and that everyone remains healthy and flourishing.

Warm Regards,



Hello,I teach in a Primary school in Piedmont (Italy) in a town near Turin. My school has been closed since February 27 for the Covid 19 emergency. We immediately took action to try to maintain a connection with the children in this difficult moment. We shared our steps with the parents, while through self-managed courses we trained all the teachers on the use of Google Classroom. We created tutorials for parents to use the platform, and through calls we tried to help everyone.
Two weeks have passed since the start of distance learning, we have agreed on the times and methods of loading the materials.
By working with children aged 6 to 11, we are creating educational materials that allow them to learn in a creative and fun way. The teachers are planning videos, stopmotion, cartoons, video readings, so as not to make the children feel isolated.
We have chosen to limit live video lessons, but we organize small video calls over the weekend to meet again together.
Now we are gearing up to create a podcast of stories and fairy tales to wish goodnight to all our children.
Through an internal weekly survey we look for what the teachers’ training needs are to plan targeted distance meetings.
It is not easy, we are deploying many resources; but this moment of difficulty has perhaps made us rediscover a dimension of an educating community that perhaps we had forgotten.


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Here in Spain covid-19 is getting quite serious, and we’ve been basically confined to our homes for a couple of days now. We are transitioning to online learning as well as we can, but it’s not easy. I’m concerned by the gaps among students in this situation (gaps in access to a good internet connection, to parent support, etc.).

Having lots of home-time, I turned to some scratching myself, and this is the result:

#QuédateEnCasa #StayAtHome (by frjurado)

It’s in Spanish, but you get the idea: it’s basically a Scratch version of the wonderful Washington Post article the other day with some coronavirus simulations. It’s kind of helped me deal with the situation. Feel free to remix, of course…

Hugs to everyone,


Hello from HK. Thx for the care and support.
The school of my child is using Zoom to meet children in groups at a scheduled time slot. Other teaching materials will be uploaded to Mega through email. We simply check email and click open that Mega stuff and we can view the teaching videos or clips at home. We can also download Mega apps and Zoom apps in our phones.
Heard that some schools re using google classroom.
Hope it helps.


Hello all, My name is Carmen and I’m from Peru. We are living an emergency situation during these days and the government is doing whatever is posible to take care all of us. My school is closed and we have been confined in our houses but being optimistic and hopefulness. My family and I are well and we are spending time together.
My best wishes for you and take care!


Hello everyone! I’m in Spain and I’ve been confined at home since last Saturday. Trying to be as positive and creative as I can! :slight_smile:

Today I shared a family creative learning activity through my blog. Since these days, in many countries we see the world from the window, I propose to turn the windows at home into video games or animated stories with Scratch:

I have also created a Scratch studio, where I will be collecting the window projects that people make:

You are all more than welcome to participate!

Hugs from Girona!



Hi from south Brazil. Every school are closed here. We are at home. I’m cheking everyday all my studendent who have internet at home. They are asking for any kind of on line courses in order to get busy… I got some here, anybody has any suggestion


Hello everyone, I’m in Genoa - Italy. We are confined at home, school are closed and we don’t know when they will open. Some of the children we were working with are active with Scratch at home. Here is a project by a 4th grade girl (I’ve only added the language translation bit to share it on this forum)


Hi there, from the UK. Schools closed here on friday, and able to work from home from yesterday. In lockdown from today. We live in a rural area and have a small garden we can go into, so feeling very thankful and lucky. Thinking of others around the world, not so fortunate as my son and I.


Hello, Thanks God Me and my family are all safe and at home. I’m from Brazil and I’m an English Teacher.


Olá! Sou professora em Belo Horizonte, cidade que fica no estado de Minas Gerais, no Brasil.
Tenho acompanhado todas as notícias no mundo sobre a pandemia. Temos que nos cuidar e manter a esperança.
Adorei a iniciativa!