How Are Career Paths Presented?


I am working now with youth that experience homelessness. The first question they need to be answered before engaging in a learning activity is: “Is this activity something I can make money from?” It is easy for them to see themselves building something for immediate economic use, like a website.

How are career goals mapped into the pedagogy of Scratch? Does a career focus dampen the sense of play and creativity?? If so, can it be reconciled???


@jpaskett I think that is a very important question. Although, as you mentioned, there is a danger of focusing too much on immediate outcomes and losing the long-term value of being playful and creative, I think that is a very prevalent issue we all face to some extent. I think you might find @Jaleesa’s work interesting. She’s been working with kids in her home city helping kids envision successful future by directly connecting them with successful adults in the community through making things. @Jaleesa do you have something we could look up to learn about your project?


Thanks for the connection @yumikom! I found the Dept Ed & NASA You for Youth resources to be a little help though not as humanistic as the LCL approach.

There is also a framework for product management that has recently come into vogue called: Jobs-To-Be-Done. I am thinking that this could be a great way to center projects around economic value. Design from the standpoint of Economics/ Economics from the standpoint of Design could also hold some key ideas(in my library; need to revisit).

Also on my inspiration list are participatory action research toolkits like the YPAR Hub at Berkley and Research for Organizing.