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Why is my sprite not turning? How do I make it disappear? Can I add my own image?

Getting started with a new tool can be a little overwhelming sometimes - so If you’re working on your Scratch project, and bump into any issues or have any questions - share them here - we’d love to help (and I’m sure many others in the community will join me :sunglasses:). Anything - big or small, easy or advanced - is acceptable here!

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Hi everybody!
Is there any way that Scratch can recognize a sound?
I would like to create a project where the player can control the sprite playing the recorder. Is it possible?


Great question!

For now Scratch can detect the loudness of your voice (check the block “loudness” under “sensing” or the event “when loudness > 50”)…

…but be prepared for super cool surprises in the next version of Scratch 3.0 coming up in a few months! :wink:

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In the Sensing category there is a Loudness block which could recognize the volume of the recorder (from 0 to 100) via the computer’s microphone.


Yesterday I made this animation of my name. You should try to catch the letters by clicking on them. When a letter is clicked, it positions itself on the top of the screen.

But there is a ‘bug’ in it: you can click a second time, third time, etc on these letters, after having caught them already.
You can also click on STOP and afterwards on the four letters (that don’t move anymore, so that’s easy) and they will form my name anyway. But without the rest of the animation.

I could make a copy of these sprites (letters) which are no longer ‘clickable’ (make the old/moving sprite disappear, make the new/still sprite appear), but maybe somebody has a SIMPLER solution?
(for instance: ‘Control > Stop this script’ doesn’t work)


@ericbxl I’m wondering if you would want to use stamp (which stamps the image of a sprite) and then hide the sprite. At the beginning of the program, then you could then use clear and show (to clear the stamps and show the letters). Does that make sense and do what you want to do?


@ericbxl As you’ve noticed, in the current version of Scratch, all the “when” blocks keep listening even after you stay to stop. (In case someone wants to restart.)


@ericbxl, how you have shared Scratch project with such nice box in the post?


I know the answer already. You have to put link to Scratch project in the new line.


Hello, I´ve had some problems using Scratch. In the Chrome browser, the mouse click does not work properly. For example, it is almost impossible to select an actor, I have to keep clicking dozens of times. The same happens when I click the blocks to run a piece of code. The blocks slide a little and nothing happens. On the other hand, when I try Microsoft Edge, the right button of the mouse doesn´t work properly and I don´t have access to some of the options of the context menu. I would be very grateful if someone could enlighten me and point me out some workaround. I have looked for answers elsewhere but it seems that no one else has the same problem.


It seems I found the problem on Chrome. My laptop has a touch screen. The clicks work fine when I touch the screen, but not when I use the mouse. :frowning:


Hi, I’m having a hard time posting without linking into my open account. Help please!


@MissMissShelly - are you posting projects that have been publicly shared? After you’ve made a project, there’s a gray “Share” button in the upper right (above where you put the blocks). Once you’ve shared the project, you’ll get a message that the project has been shared, and you can copy the URL and use that as a link in a post. If it says “/editor” at the end of the URL, that means that you are still in the project editor view, and will want to click “share” or “see project page” (also in the upper right, in blue) to get the public view. Hope this helps, let me know if not!


Hi Lily,
I have done the share. I don’t see a message that I have shared the project. I checked in the little envelope icon. I get the ‘see project page’ format. Still don’t know how to share without giving up my sign-in page. ;( The share button has disappeared so I am unsure how to try again.
Thank you for your speedy response.


To share your project you must sign in.
If your account is new, you have to check your email and confirm the account (share il not allowed for not confirmed account)


This is what I see when I am signed in and open my project. My account is confirmed.
I did share it on the LCL forum by copy pasting the url then realized it sent people into my account so I deleted the share.


I’m sorry but I don’t understand what your problem is.
Nobody can access into your account unless you share user and password. When you share a project into a gallery, people can see inside it and remix it, but your original project is not modified by others and remains as you saved it


@Natalie The STAMP function is indeed a good option, thx! In the meantime I found this other solution:
… and I wonder which one would be less abstract for (young) kids


As you have noticed events handler is always listening, otherwise you can’t even catch the green flag event. One thing you can do is define a variable to be used as a switch, and switch it on at the start, switch it off at the click, and control in the main loop its state. If you declare this variable private (for this sprite only), you can reuse the same variable name for all the letters.