Connect in real life!


Definitely a pleasure! Again, I am sorry I petered out with time and energy toward the end, and am grateful for Lily’s invitation from the outset to give what I am able, and not worry about my limitations.

That made a huge difference for me as I am often extremely conscientious, and frequently over-extend myself to be wrought with guilt.

I find that I often need to make specific plans or those good intentions just dissipate over time. Would people be interested in a touch-base google hangout in a month?

@yumikom , @Lily, @tarmelop, @frjurado, @Mathieu_Penot1, @saskia, @Dhwanix, @Vero


Thanks @frjurado! Same feeling here… Stay in touch…through emails, we have more to accomplish in future as a community… or individual… :smiley: I am hopeful!

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This thursday we can share with the LCL Team in Boston, how we make our Local Meetings in Mexico, Everybody were very happy to meet all the team at Boston, wow, Awesome


Wow… Vero! Thanks for sharing…


21%20AM The group of Monterrey with the LCL TShirt
48%20AM The beautiful T shirts of LCL Course


YESSS! All LCL activities have been great to me, but this one especially has been so much learning from each of you. Love the idea of monthly hangout program!

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@Vero it was INCREDIBLY EXCITING to be connected with you over hangout the other day! We all were super excited to hear how you are taking LCL to your own community and spreading the excitement and joy to many other people. (And we are totally jealous of the LCL Tshirt!) Thank you so much for setting up the call, and most of all, being a powerful ambassador of creative learning movement!

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