Connect in real life!


Hi everyone!

LCL is a community! We come from all around the world, and you will always find a neighbor here. Why don’t you look at the map and contact people who live in the same city? Just grab a coffee, discuss about your experiences, and share a photo in this thread!

I’ll start here with a photo of @saskia and I who met for the first time yesterday! We had a great conversation about (among other things):

  • How to encourage girls in tech?
  • How can the use of educational robots can/can’t be more efficient for learning and creativity?
  • Why are people talking more about STEAM and coding rather than creative learning here in San Francisco compared to Boston?
  • How can we create a local meetup to encourage the community here to include creative learning in their approaches?

Thanks @saskia for the great discussion! I look forward to the next one, and hopefully get that local meetup started!

If you live in San Francisco, I’ll be happy to be in touch and meet for a coffee :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing your pictures from all around the world!


Hey! Great to see learners gets together, discuss ideas about innovation in our societies and, connecting people together in learning. Wow!

Excited to discuss and learn more together on your ideas!
Excited about learning!


Wow! This ignites so many thoughts around building a community … I did start doing some of it, since last year by dropping unknown people emails and sharing / exchanging ideas :blush:… mostly locating them through the maps… Thanks for sharing this with all of us… :smile: happy to hear about the discussions you guys had…


I’m in Chicago and have a tinkering lab/maker’s space if anyone wants to meet up!


@Leslie I’d love to visit your tinkering lab! I’ve never been to Chicago, but I’m sure I will get there at some point!

I noticed that @Lisa_Harrison is in Chicago, hope you get the chance to meet!


Wonderful! We should have taken a photo together @rinam @Hanako @Kayo_Yam @mtakeya @BeeTree @AiT @nackeymama !!!

In Tokyo, Japan, several members of LCL from Japan met at Japan STEM Education Conference and Scratch Conference in Tokyo last week!!

It was super exciting to be connected with them in person, learning about what they do.

I am curious how other are connected too :smiley:


Creative Society: I was thinking of creating 2 communities - one for India (my homecountry) and one for the place I reside in Canada, British Columbia. However, I’m still in the process of search and preparation … once it works or anybody is found interested in collaborating with me in the long run, … we’ll keep you all in the LCL community posted!


Both are so wonderful and you have a very smart questions, thanks for share with us. I´m going to use them in my group of LCL local meeting.


I have relatives there,Leslie, if I´ll go there I ´ll contact you.


I am connecting in real life with some people,sharing the LCL course, we are having very good moments together with @Eve and her friends
We enjoyed when somebody shows us their projects or ideas.
Everybody learned something, this is the meaning of peers

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Hello. I am Maria, a portuguese primary teacher. I met Oriana a teacher from Italy during an LCL Unhangout. I invited her to my eTwinning project and now we are partners in the project.


En la Ciudad de Monterrey N.L, nos reunimos una vez a la semana para compartir experiencias y aprendizajes respecto a las actividades que se desarrollan en este curso, realmente es muy significativo permite retroalimentar y crear buenos momentos. Realmente crear espacios de convivencia y sobre todo de excelentes aprendizajes ampliando y mejorarando en ámbitos de la vida.


Es verdad Marleny, que podemos interactuar entre nosotros y aprender de lo que cada una puede aportar., la colaboración es parte importante del proceso de aprender en un ambiente creativo.
Gracias por ser parte de esta aventura


@Brian , @Cris.E, @AlainSTEM, @Sandy, @SandyColeman … It was great talking to all of you through Unhangout today!.. As discussed let’s connect in real life and continue chatting to learn more and more about Education and the playful ways we are all experimenting with Creative Learning in our respective areas… I like the idea about VR and the way, Brian and Mart (@Cris.E) today discussed we can in future talk about using these in the process of Learning or learning through playing games logging in remotely… :blush: Looking forward to meeting you soon… Let’s use this platform to discuss and connect…


Thank you for connecting Mohona.


I am also looking forward to setting up a call with Pavani (@dpavani10) from India, whom I met through LCL.
Thanks for reaching out to me Pavani… :blush:


@yumikom , @Lily, @tarmelop, @frjurado, @Mathieu_Penot1, @saskia, @Dhwanix, @MissMissShelly, @Vero, Claudia, Yosuf…
It was a pleasure working with every one of you! And I strongly believe that we’ll cross each others’ path in the real life some way or the other … Let’s keep in touch. Sometimes I feel sad to count seconds before wrapping up by the end of next week… :blush:

Unfortunately, I don’t have the pic of @yumikom (Yumiko) and some of you… from the team…


People are not only meeting up offline but also designing and wearing T-shirts with a Learning Creative Learning logo on top … I would request @Vero to kindly post the amazing picture… if you have of that community where everyone is wearing the uniform and celebrating LCL ties :smile:


I don’t know if this is the right place or forum to talk about grants but if anybody who is connecting in real life and looking forward to having a local meet up or raising funds to start an after school program in your community and would love to share some of your experiences … please post here! Or feel free to open a new thread…


I agree, Mohona.

This has been a truly inspiring community-building project. Don’t know how much we’ve helped the community at large, but for me at least it’s been an amazing experience…

So thanks a lot to those crazy folks who had the facilitation team idea, and of course to all you for your work & thoughs & inspiration :smile: