[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself


Hey, guys ! Greetings !

I’m late to the party as usual - but keen to catch up.

I run a Code Club at a local primary school in the North of England, where we’re having fun playing with Scratch. The kids (9-10 yr olds) keep me on my toes and I’m learning more from them than they are from me !

I’m looking for inspiration and new ideas about learning practices as I know all too well how the common, overly scripted, “lecture at” methodologies can kill creativity.

My mind is open - I’m excited and I’m ready to engage…


Hi everyone,
My name’s Quan, from Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam. I’m a IT Lecturer and IT Project Manager. Recently, I co-found a center for teaching children from 6-12 How to Program using Scratch (at I’m exited about the new way to motivate and help children and students to learn about STEM.

Nice to know all people around the world.




Hi everyone, my name is Francesca and I’m a high school math teacher. I’m here because I recently met a 10 years old kid who had the kind of joyful approach to maths that I wish my kids had. When I said so to his father, he suggested me to look into LCL. So here am I :slight_smile:


Hello guys !!

What a great opportunity to be here !!! I’m so excited! My name is Eline Cavalcanti, I am CEO of an e-leaning startup from Brazil. We develop sophisticated courses for different types of audience and business. I am also a researcher of Information Technology for Education by NCE-UFRJ. I have a dream to be a student from MIT one day.


Olá Pessoal!!

Que excelente oportunidade estar aqui! Meu nome é Eline Cavalcanti, sou CEO de uma startup de educação uma EduTech onde desenvolvemos sofisticados cursos para diferentes tipos de público. Sou também pesquisadora de Tecnologia da Informação para Educação pelo NCE-UFRJ e tenho um sonho de um dia estar no MIT presencialmente.


Hello to everyone!
i’m so exciting to join the project to learning lots of things in it.
wish you also have a good time!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hello everyone !!
I am looking forward to learn more about this! :smile:


hi,my name is FangYao, I’m from China. I"m a UX designer in an internet company and now focusing on designing for an online learning digtal product. That’s why I"m interested in longlife learning. Hope I can learn a lot from you.


Hi everyone,

My name is Jeremy Douwstra, I have been an elementary and middle school teacher for over 23 years. Currently I am in the role of Innovation & Technology Coordinator at a small 350 student Private School in Phoenix, AZ. Most of my 20 years was in public education as an Instructional Technology Specialist or Media Specialist.

I am still a teacher currently, teaching technology to each class in one or two 45 minute sessions each week. We learn everything from basics of logging on and off a computer, word processing and other productivity skills, but mainly as we get into middle elementary grades I am teaching coding with Scratch, using robots with VEX and Sphero, programming with MakeyMakey and Arduino.

Technology is always changing, so my learning is on going.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,
I am a teaching Artist and Founder of Pukka Theatre, Cape Town South Africa. Our mission is to build resilience and ignite creative learning through project based workshops.

I am an experienced theatre-maker and production manager with a history of working on distinguished and award-winning productions and have worked with hundreds of of children from all walks of life in various capacities from directing children’s productions to facilitating workshops and immersive learning both the Silicon Valley, United States and Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m so excited for this course!


Hello, I’m Whizkevina.
from Nigeria, am also a Self-Taught programmer which I’m open to learning everyday.


Hello! My name is Hedy and I am brand new to this learning community. This course was recommended to be by my instructional manager, and I am excited to experience this journey.


Hi all! I’m Juan Diego from Peru. I work in a University (Continental) in Peru, between other thing designing and teaching courses of innovation, leadership and creativity. I also founded an NGO (Ruwasunchis), where we work with kids and youth through play and creativity workshops. Really happy to read all your interesting introductions, and looking forward to hear and be inspired by your ideas and projects!

Juan Diego


Hi! I’m Kristen and I work at Makarios Community School in Dallas, Texas. It’s a democratic school where students are fully self-directed and learn through play with optional classes, so I am super excited about LCL- it fits perfectly with my school! I am studying Child Learning and Development at UT Dallas. I’m also building a Tech Library at Makarios, but I don’t know much about tech, so I’ll be learning alongside the students once it is up and running. I want to learn Scratch, too!


Hi Everyone, My name is Roopa. I live in Austin, USA. I am excited to be part of this community.


Hi from Málaga! :smiley:


Hi there! And welcome to this inspiring community :smiley:


Welcome to the community, Jeremy. I guess you’re in the perfect place! :wink:


Hello, LCL community!

I am Lydia, and I am finishing my last year of college to be an Elementary/ Early Childhood teacher! One of my professors is incorporating LCL into our technology class coursework. I’m excited to discover teaching strategies that will engage my students and ignite their inner creativity, while networking with our community members.


Hello Everyone. My name is Anatevka and I’m from Brazil I work in a Bilingual Program called Systemic Bilingual. We implement the program in schools that want to become bilingual. I love technology and I’m very curious. I made an app by myself just watching tutorial videos and I think digital literacy is something we need to implement in our schools in Brazil. Today we have 52 schools working with Systemic Bilingual for kids from 2 to 15 years old. Besides kids learning english I think they should also learn coding. I’m here to learn more from you guys.
Ok, I’ll start!!

My name is Carmelo, and I learn and play in the Lifelong Kindergarten group.
One of the most exciting projects I’ve been working on lately has been… this edition of LCL!
Along with an amazing group of people that you will meet soon!

I took LCL a few years ago when I was in Italy. And that changed my life: it made me discover and fall in love with the ideas behind Scratch, and it helped me to design better experiences for the children who were attending our free CoderDojo club in Bologna.

More importantly, LCL was an opportunity for me to connect with like-minded people in Italy and abroad, who really care about helping children, of all ages, develop as free and creative thinkers.

I’m really thrilled to be part of this learning journey, and I look forward to learn, share and be inspired by your projects and your ideas!

Happy creative learning, everyone!


Hello from Hong Kong. I enjoy creativity and believe creativity is an everyday thing. How do we teach creativity/problem solving when we no longer work on cars, repair small appliances/items, and eat out or get take away? We need to create opportunities to ensure students are creative problem solvers open to new ideas/technologies and not just consumers. TTFN, -M