[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself


Hi Everyone,

My name is Sungwoo Rain Park and you can call me “Rain”.
I’m somewhat late to get in touch with this LCL online community.

Currently, I am engaged in education business for IT engineers and grown-ups.
However, my mind was on S/W education and creativity learning for K-12.

Initially, I found this book(Lifelong Kindergarten) through Facebook and started reading the excerpts.
As I read this book, my heart ran and I was really excited.

I think this book will give me a great turning point in my life. And I was motivated to do something meaningful because of this book.



Hi–My name is Elaine and I am a fourth and fifth grade teacher. In addition to all the other subjects, I also teach Scratch. I am very excited to read Mitch’s newest book and to join in this community even if a bit late.


My name is Yoon and I am a Learning and development manager in IT start-up.
What always makes me passionate is education and that was the reason why I chose my major as education
at university.

I read some articles about MIT Lifelong Kindergarten and it makes me totally being into its vision.
Personally, it is crucial in learning that making communities for learners and connecting them based on their interest and passion. In that sense, this CLC project is the thing that I always eager to take part in.

Looking forward to meeting new friends and learning from diverse people all around world.



Hello People

I am from Hyderabad, India and so much excited to join this awesome community! I enrolled this in October but did not get time due to exams!

Happy to learn this LCL

Thanks a lot!


Hey! Why don’t you share your blog here too for the LCL community to join in and learn with and from you :slight_smile:


hello everyone!
My names is Lesly. I am from Bolivia, and I live in Belgium, I just finished a master in computer science and I have engineering background! I have always been excited about learning/teaching techniques. I have been volunteering teaching coding to kids in Bolivia and Belgium.
I am happy to join this community, looking forward to learn a lot :smiley:


Hello everyone.
My name is Aya from Japan. I teach English and TESOL at a private university in Japan.
One of my friends from a graduate school, School for International Training, introduced this LCL to me.
I am interested in being more creative and teaching children how to be more creative.
I am very happy to belong to this community. Thank you.

Aya Yanagida


Hi! everyone. My name is Gustavo, I’m from Rosario (Argentina).
My areas of interest are mental health and psychology… which also includes learning …
I am very excited to have found this “course” (not MOOC ; ) and to have the opportunity to explore and learn creatively…

See you soon … and I catch up on the activities : )


Hi :slight_smile:
My name is Lisa and I am a K-6 teacher in Sydney Australia. I am currently working closely with Kindergarten and am excited to be teaching them coding with Scratch Jr. I am learning as I teach as coding is fairly new to me as well. I am continually impressed with how eagerly my students pick up on the concepts being taught and how they excitedly go back to their own classrooms and share their learning with their teachers. I signed up as I am very interested in further developing my own knowledge and skill and learning from members of this group.

It’s very nice to meet everyone and I look forward to the opportunities open to me here.


Hi all! I know I’m late to the game, but I’m Stephanie Marquis and I’m located in Los Angeles, CA. I work in the ed tech field, currently at Age of Learning, which is known most for I’m here because myself and my small team of colleagues are trying to create playful and engaging digital learning experiences for young children and always need as many ideas as we can get our hands on. Looking forward to learning!


Sounds great! Good luck!!


Better late than never! You’re most welcome! Hope that your insights will enhance our understanding. Good luck!!



My name is Srishti Sehgal and I am a Design Researcher from India. A large part of my work has been at the intersections of learning and design and I am keen to explore different ways in which this space could evolve in the future.

Happy to be here!


You’re most welcome! Your insights as well as expertise will enhance our understanding. Good luck!!


Hi my name is james Kevin from Nigeria, Port Harcourt to be precise and I work with TEENCODERS the no. One coding platform for teenagers and we teach creative learning in schools.


Hi My name is Monica Reyes I am from Colombia south America. I am a sound designer , musician audio engineer , interested in learning more about creative processesmin order to improve my work! best regards!


Hola Mónica. Un gusto. ¿desde que ciudad te conectas?. De mi parte, desde Santa Marta. En estos temas del aprendizaje creativo para diseñar experiencias que promuevan pasón por aprender en los jóvenes. En contacto. Oswaldo


Hi everyone!

I am Ananya, an Experience Designer based out of Mumbai, India. I have a keen interest in the way people learn (especially children) and am here to learn more about it. I aspire to become an educator by combining my inclination towards design thinking and solving problems using technology, along with my love for learning in a community.

Looking forward to some great discussions with people from all over the world.


hi ,
II’m anna rita a primary schoolteacher.
I’m interested in what is presented in this course.
Unfortunately, I can not constantly follow the evolution of the course for time problems, so I’m a “slow-moving” course.
However, I like the setting of the course and what it says about the ability to create a creative and teaching style of learning


Better late than never! Hi - I am Dianna and I am working with some 4th grade teachers to design some lessons with their students using Scratch. I thought this course would help me to provide some creative ideas to share with them. Diving in now!