[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself


Hi everyone!! I am a fifth-grade teacher who LOVES to try new and exciting things in class. I am a mom to a five year old boy and an eight year old girl. I am a few weeks behind but I have been enjoying the reading and look forward to sharing what I learn here with my admin and fellow teachers. I teach in upper Westchester in New York state.


Nice to meet you! Hope that your experience & insights will expand our understanding on creative learning. Best of luck to you!!


My name is Deepak… I work for a Science Museum in Belgium and also am very active in teaching children on technology and innovation. Organised various TEDxYouth@Flanders events and also love the idea of LCL. I used to focus on kids aged 10-12y since they were the most open-minded with the right motory skills: I found that teaching 3dmodelling to kids below 7y was challenging due to the fact that they could not grasp how the 3d projection onto a 2d screen worked (exception kids who gamed). But I have moved on to youth aged 14-18 and even adults (being the tech curator for


Hi! I’m Aadil!

Pakistani by birth and upbringing, I’m now finishing a Political Science in the Philippines and am starting a project to create a new model for higher education based on human-centered design, social entrepreneurship, and blended learning.

Super excited to join this community and glad I found LCL <3


Books are my childhoodproject. My mother brought us to the library, there We could be for hours. The pictures and stories made my fantasi grow. It shaped our play, my sister and friends became diffrent figures. I also painted and wrote my own stories.
I enjoy my work in a schoollibrary were we try diffrent ways to tell stories. Books, pictures, film, Scratch, Minecraft all good ways to create and tell something


Hi, I am also in WV, Charleston, I teach elementary in private schools, after schools, etc. I am an Engineer by profession but I love how Scratch encourage kids to create and use their super powers and they learn coding by their own drive. Love to connect.


I am in Charleston, wV


Hello! My name is Froso and I am an Information Science teacher in a high school at Pallini, a suburb of Athens - Greece. I use several programming invironments to teach my students programming: Scratch, MicroWorlds Pro, Pencil Code. Every year we participate at the “Hour of Code”.
I am very excited to participate to this community!! I have to practice my english for a long time and this may be a difficulty for me!


It’s never too late to start so today is good as any other day. Hello everyone! My name is Michał and I’m Java SE/EE developer in maritime research institute. I used to be academic teacher in past, now I run programming courses from time to time. I’m fascinated by learning new technologies and teaching them. Privately I’m interested in widely understood speculative fiction.


Hello everyone,
here is Aldo Pergjergji form Rome.
I’m an IT Specialist, CoderDojo Rome SPQR and CoderDojo Ferentino Champion and Founder of

Looking forward to learning to be more creative and really excited to meet everyone.
Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Dario, and I am from La Coruña, Spain. I work as an independent consultant.
This course was brought to my attention (even though a little bit late) because I 've just bought the book “lifelong kindergarten”. I’m interested in learning how to learn and how to unlearn. I was very lucky to meet and have a talk for several hours, back in 2006, with the late Edith Ackerman (a real inspiring person) at MIT Media Lab.


Hello, I’m an undergrad student studying Electrical Engineering in my final year at University of New Hampshire. My Capstone project is “How Learning Sciences has Attributed to Modern STEM Movement” a component of this is taking research like Learning Creative Learning and using the principles to prototype an electronics teaching platform come December 2018. Wish me luck and very nice to be a part of the community!


Que interesante la propuesta de Fab Kids! Me interesa conocer más. Desde Colombia estoy impulsando la creación de Clubes Creativos para que los niños y jóvenes puedan explorar, crear y expresarse creativamente con tecnología, utilizando los principios del Clubhouse, red con la que trabaje hace unos años atrás. Por aqui mi correo: y mi twitter: @oswaldinho29.


Hi all,

This is swapnesh, i am a student of toy and game design at National Institute of Design, India.


Greetings from San Frandisco! 10 year tech teacher at a public school. Creativity is all I got!


Hola Oswaldo ! Qué bien la idea de hacer Clubes es muy buena! Por aqui hay iniciativas similares. Mi mail es y mi twitter @xavidominguez … seguimos en contacto !!!



Good morning,
My name is Bamba. I started a junior and high school in Popenguine, Senegal this year.
I have been involved with the LOGO language 30 years ago and now using SCRATCH with children in Senegal for the last 10 years.


Hi I’m Yue from Taiwan.I graduated from Taipei Municipal University of Education and majored early childhood education.
So i’m really excited to know everything about LCL.


Hello! World!

I’m Laura from Guadalajara, Mexico, I’m starting as a “Maker Coach” I will be collaborating with teachers and students to introduce the Maker Education Movement and STEAM activities in a K-12 and High School , we are located in the beautiful Island called Cozumel at the Caribbean. I hope to learn a lot from all of you!


Hello, Bonjour, Ciao,

I’m excited to be part of this creative and pioneering community. I am an international educator and currently an Elementary Educational Technology Integrator in Ghana, West Africa. I’m particularly interested in connecting with like-minded people working in Africa.