[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself


Hi all, my name is Stephanie. Just beginning to learn of the LCL community. My work is focused on corporate learning specifically up-skilling America’s front-line workers. I help organizations leverage a pathway to a bachelor’s degree that uses mobile first, video based on-demand micro-lessons. Cheers


Hi My name is Johanna and I am a Digital technologies teacher in a large primary school in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.



This is Anand! I am a bit late to the course but lets get started !

I am a Data Scientist by work and foodie by heart ! Let this new experience begin !;D



Hey, I’m Martina, I love free software and work as an tech project manager and sysadmin for a Barcelona (Spain) based NGO. We are working with kids and young people introducing computational thinking and building with Scratch!


Hi, I’m Mike and I work for a pharmaceutical company working in digital health. I’m looking at ways that we can increase participation across the organization using new, interesting and exciting learning tools that work. Learning is generally very dull in large organizations. I am based in the UK but work a lot with my US colleagues.


Hello! I am a professor of education at Oral Roberts University. I have recently read the Lifelong Kindergarten book and have made it required reading for my EdTech classes. I am also looking forward to embedding this module as an optional supplement to the course. Thankful for all of you and look forward to learning with you.


Hi, I’m Eduardo and I’m a civil servant working with public policies focused on entrepreneurship in Brazil. I have a big interest in public education and in how to train other civil servants for better solve our challenges through innovation and experimentation.


Hello all creative minds!
I am Shubham from INDIA. I am an undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur. I would love to be a part of this community and collaborate with you people. Its my dream to study at MIT Media Labs and this is the first step towards it. I would love to collaborate with you on any interesting project and create something impactful. Have a great journey ahead.


Hi, my name is Charmaine and I am an IT teacher in a small secondary high school located in NSW Australia. Typically I tend to focus on the use of applications to create digital products, however, over the last few years I have revisited coding in the junior years to expand my teaching programs. My classes have been using Scratch to create very simple animations and games.
What I would like to get out of this course is some more ideas on how I can improve my skills, programs and learning experiences for my students.


Hi! I’m Ivette and I am a teacher at a local summer camp here in Brockton, MA. Looking for ways to incorporate technology in the curriculum in a creative and fun way.

  • Ivette


I am a mother of three children in Germany. They are all interested in programming and I am hoping to get some tips and strategies on how to help them.




Hi all,

My name is Nikolaj and I would like to think of myself as quite a playful and open minded person - playing, testing, and tinkering with all sorts of things (for instance right now working with a couple of friends to make our own homemade white wine and hoping to invent / design a system where gravity simply leads the grapejuice from A to Z - to become wine. Hopefully it’ll be a good looking stainless steel construction). I also have three absolutely wonderful kids who love to help out on dad’s weird projects.

But one also has to make a living and I’m fortunate to work for a great employer: The LEGO Foundation in Billund, Denmark. Here we are focussed on play & creativity - especially in an early childhood context (but also fully supporting the idea of lifelong learning). I’m currently working on organising the annual LEGO Idea Conference which we will host 9-11 April 2018 right here in Billund.

Looking to forward to learn with you !



Wood (or Titanium) are better for wine :grinning:


Hello, my name is Eliana. I teach math and science in a secondary school. I met scratch one year ago and it’s a pleasure to learn more about scratch. My students really like to play and learn with scratch!


I work at Colombian School of Engineering in Bogotá


Good day from Staines in England! I’m Matt, now retired and enjoying running after-school Code Clubs and similar activities. Although rather late in starting this, I aim to catch up…


Hello everyone,

My name is Kazem Ghouchani. I am an MBA graduate from Hult International Business School. I am currently living and working in NYC. I am originally from Tehran Iran. My friend Mina Soltan introduced Mitch and his course to me recently. I am excited to be here, and I want to take most out of this course. I have always had an interest in working with the creative community but never dared to change my current field(finance). I feel I am starting my life all over again at the age of 35. But to find your potentials and your path it is never late to start.I have been involved in team building experience and collaborative projects with some of the creative community in NYC. I want to pursue this as a career.I look forward to learning from everyone and hopefully add value to this course.


Hi! I’m Alessandra Gibbini, I teach tecnology in a secondary school. It’s my first experience in this field!!! Thank you for this opportunity



I am an enthusiastic and passionate learner!

I especially love learning from watching and experiencing nature. I recently left teaching 2nd grade in public school district in a larger U.S. city. Currently I tutor students with reading and writing challenges. Also, I am enjoying exploring opportunities where I get to excite children about reading, telling stories, and developing an awareness and appreciation of the amazing world we share.


Oi meu nome é Carol, sou coordenadora pedagógica de Ensino Fundamental 2 e Médio e sou de Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Quero compartilhar conhecimentos com a comunidade e aprender com outras experiências.