[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself


Greetings from New Brunswick, Canada.
I am a Program Director at Brilliant Labs (non profit, educational organization) and a huge pedagogical geek. I have come to this course after being a middle school mathematics educator for 8 years, and a maker education enthusiast for the past 4. In this current role, I travel around New Brunswick supporting students and teachers as they continue to combine expressive materials into new, innovative projects.

Great to meet all of you.


Ciao A tutti, anche se con ritardo;-)
Mi chiamo Antonella e sono una formatrice in ambito digitale. Sono della provincia di Lecce e mi piace molto creare, giocare ed imparare con tutti i nuovi strumenti tecnologici: da Scratch agli smart toys; da Little Bits a Lego. Lo faccio insieme alle mie tre figlie e ai ragazzi e ragazze dei laboratori che organizzo con la mia associazione dal nome “Noi costruttori del futuro”.
Sono pronta per partire


Hello all, I’m Magali. I am a French teacher in Lower School at International School of Luxembourg. First time on LCL!


Hello, my name is Meghan! I’m a 6th grade science teacher in Pennsylvania. I’m excited to be here and to take part in this online learning community!


Hello! I’m a new member from Pennsylvania. I just recently was hired to teach kindergarten and I am beyond excited to see how LCL can help me be a better teacher!


Hello ! Mi nombre es Eva Angel Vairo y soy profesora de matematicas y español en secundaria en una escuela en el sur de Suecia. Tambien me gusta dar clases de informatica y programacion. Sera muy divertido aprender más con uds!


Hi, I’m Erica, and I am a Superintendent in a rural school district in Pennsylvania. I am looking for resources to support our efforts to design learning experiences with learners that empower them as learners and citizens. I have been reading Lifelong Kindergarten and find the 4 Ps to be at least equally important to the 5 Cs of 21st century learning. I am looking forward to building my capacity, so I can help others do the same.


Olá, acabei me atrapalhando e não me apresentei.
Sou Mara, professora de Informática e robótica para crianças do berçário ao 9o ano.
Trabalho há muitos anos com LEGO Educacional. Desde 2016 estamos aprendendo Scratch e Arduino.
Estou muito ansiosa por compartilhar e aprender mais.


Olá… Meu nome é Flávia e espero aprender bastante sobre os assuntos abordados… Comecei a gostar de tecnologia educacional há alguns anos… E percebi que é sempre muito legal é importante aprender inovações para as aulas serem mais dinâmicas e interessantes…


Ciao a tutti! Sono Daniela, insegno in una scuola primaria in provincia di Bari…felicissima di essere parte di questa community!!


Hi Roberto,

Basically, a democratic free school is a school where students’ innate drive to learn is trusted and they are almost entirley free to determine how to spend their time and pursue what interests them. The democratic part refers to the fact that, at least in our case, all school rules, policies, and spending is controlled by direct democracy at the School Meeting where each student and staff member have one equal vote.

Students learn how to identify what matters to them, how to work for it and advocate for themselves, manage distractions, understand their own learning styles and challenges, and face the real consquences of their decisions and the decisions of the school community.

I’ve been working at our school for about three years and it has been amazing to see kids grow and to watch as their confidence and sense of responsibility for their world grow.

Right now we are a small group of probably fewer than 100 schools worldwide. I’m hoping that this course will help me better support our students as they work at discovering what they want to do and how to do it and also help me communicate to nervous parents the power that trust and supported freedom can offer to even very young students.


Hello! My name is Amanda. I am a Youth Services librarian in Central New York. Always looking for some interesting ideas to offer as programs to our youth.


Congratulations @Jason_White-Wiedow, it must be an amazing experience. I hope to visit one of your schools in action then.
Keep up the great work.


Hi, I am Larry, an elementary school assistant principal in Connecticut, USA.

I have always been interested in authentic and outdoor education, so the concept of expanding kindergarten captured my interest. I am eager to share with the teachers in my school any and all of the great ideas that flow from what I can only imagine is a high-powered and dynamic group of educators and humanitarians.

I helped to build an outdoor classroom on our campus and it is utilized on a regular basis, but perhaps less so than would be the case if teachers had license to be more creative.

All best,



Hi there!

I’m Zak from Barcelona. I started learning how to code with Scratch, and I am now teaching at a Codelearn academy.

I want to keep on learning Scratch to give the students a better, and more creative, learning experience.

We are in touch,


Yola, te faltó decir que utilizas las 4P´s siempre en tus actividades


Hi all, so glad to find out about this course! I work for and NGO in the coffeelands of Nicaragua. We build schools and provide educational programs. I’m developing a new technology facilitated learning program so I’m sure I will learn lots here to improve what we have so far.


Hi everyone! I’m working with primary and junior high teachers in Ghana to empower them to do more hands-on science and engineering with their students. We also recently started to introduce Scratch, partly because some teachers were so excited about it. We are all about making learning joyful and equitable, so happy to be part of this community and learn more.


Hi! I´m Barbara. I´m from Trenque Lauquen, Argentina. I teach computer science and coding in kindergarden, primary and secondary school, I also teach in an after school coding club. I see my self more as a learner than as a teacher. I learn with my students. I try to make classes more like a playground than a tipical class. I still have a lot to learn, I will always have, and I expect this course can help me improve the playing enviromet I pretend for my classes.
thank you for this oportunity.
Looking foward to contact other teachers to exchange experiences.


I am Alberto!
I Study and teach physics and I am looking for tools to make classes more friendly.
I am Brazilian and I currently live in a city called Parnaiba.