[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself


…my name is Alfonso Meléndez I livein Colombia near Bogotá in a small town called Chía.
I studied an academic carrer in Computer Science and Mathematics at los andes University in Bogotá
I also have a master degree in Computer Science in the area of Technology and Education.
I work at Colombian School of Engineering in Bogotá for more than 25 years.
I am interested in several topics:

Technology and Education
Body and Learning
Agent Based Modeling
problem posing and problem Solving in mathematics but
also in another disciplines.

I red a few years ago the excellent Resnick book “Turtles, Termites and Traffic Jams” and also am a fan of Seymour Papert and Sherry Turkle Ideas.

I hope to learn a lot in this course
Yours Sincerely,



Hello, my name is Ana Guzman, I work as a secondary school teacher in a Salesian school in Bogotá Colombia.




Hey Masa – feel free to jump right in! We’re glad you’re here.


Hello Kristen
App smashing means using more than one app with another app e.g.
Using Pic Collage and saving it onto the camera roll and loading it onto Book Creator or Saving Chatter pix onto Seesaw.
I get a lot of ideas from Twitter Facebook and blogs from great schools. I should have a look at Pinterest again thank you


Hi everyone. I am Jen, a technology integrationist and media specialist in an elementary school in Waconia, MN. I’m currently trying to grow a “maker mindset” in my school community. Currently, I am focussing on learning more about coding, and taking it to the next level–getting into the concepts underneath. I’m excited to be learning here with so many people of varying backgrounds. I’m excited to see where this leads!


Hello, I am a teacher of ICT. I like to teach my students coding and programming. My students are 7-19 years old. At the moment I especially I am interested in robotics.


Hello !
i am Gaye and my work focuses on innovation & technology consultancy and Architecture with corporates. I support initiatives that foster wider and diverse access to and knowledge of technology and am interested in the technology impact on business and society. I am one of the founder members of Makerspace Cambridge and have also mentored in UCL and Kings College for emerging technologies such as wearables, AI, voice UI and IOT. I am now dreaming of something new at the moment. It is House of Dadabit. This is a collective who are transdisciplinary that focus on applied dream making and it play has a lot to do in the process.

Excited about innovation, ideas, future studies, affective computing, interaction design, makers, hackers, play, Homo Ludens, physical computing,wearables, social machines, pervasive and ubiquitous computing, smart materials, technology psychology, new networks, collaboration, co-creation experience design, emerging platforms, robots, Hyper-Reality Convergence and THE NEXT.


Hi, what’s a democratic free school?


Hi all,

Sorry I’m a bit late :slight_smile:

My name is Toby. I live in Sheffield in the UK.I came across the LCL course & signed up before it started, but this is the first chance I’ve had to look at the materials and topics.

I’m a programmer by trade and I’ve been interested for a long time in the possibilities that Scratch and other such platforms offer for introducing children to the world of technology and coding.Not least because I have 3 boys myself and I’m hoping to impart in them some of the fun that I get out of just doing my job.



I am an educator who is currently teaching in a multi-age (1st and 2nd grade) classroom. I have my master’s certificate in Pedagogical Coordination in the Reggio Emilia Approach to education and this discussion/community supports many of the beliefs/approaches inspired by the schools in Reggio Emilia.


HI, Katrina here all the way from Australia. A colleague of mine shared this course with me and I thought why not it sounds interesting.
I am a primary school teacher and would love to learn more about this program so I can introduce it my students. I look forward to having fun and learning together.


Hi - my name is Emma I’m the DATS leader (design, arts, technology and science) at a New Zealand primary school. I love creating and making. I’m looking forward to being part of this community to learn new things, and to extend and challenge my thinking.


Hi all! My name is Michel van Ast and I am a teacher, teacher educator and teacher trainer in The Netherlands. About five years ago, together with a teacher, I started a project on the (primary) school of my kids which was all about doing, making and learning. That project developed into the website About 100 schools joined us already. We just started, without knowing anything about creativity, maker education or the use of technology in schools whatsoever. In this course I’m hoping to learn a lot about those topics and I hope to meet other enthousiastic teachers who want to make learning more fun, more productive and above all more creative!


Saludos, excelente! nos ponemos en contacto.


My name is Andrea Miranda Zinni. I’m glad to be part of a group that can think about different ways of teaching and learning.
I’m an educator, I work as a coordinator in a Kindergarten and Elementary Bilingual school in Brazil. I would like to learn about new experiences and have the opportunity to share some of mine.


My name is Smadar and I’m from Israel. I am an elementary school teacher and ex-computer programmer, I teach computers skills, from documents and slide presentations to coding and robotics. Scratch is one of my favorite tools out there because it allows for so much creativity and self expression, and I love how my students genuinely care about their work and not only about my feedback.
I apologize for my late arrival, and am looking forward to learning from and being inspired by this course and this amazing community of learners.


Hi Everyone,

I hope I’m not joining the party too late here. My name is Alex. I’ve been working as an ESL teacher for a few years, first in South Korea and later in Spain. I’m now a substitute teacher in NYC and transitioning into a career as a certified secondary school ESL teacher. I’m looking forward to seeing what creative ideas I can learn here and apply to my future classroom.


Hello everyone!

My name is Cecilia, I am a qualified Science (Physics specialism) teacher at secondary level in the UK. Right now I am on a brief career break which gave me the opportunity to explore the world of coding and I really enjoyed tinkering with Scratch! As I go back to full time teaching in January, I am excited to learn more about how I can use this and other tools to further my students’ learning.



Hi, I’m Pablo and I teach Music in Spanish at the New York flagship school, Avenues. I’m always interested in how to let kids be creative. We have some amazing students, parents and faculty here. Looking forward to learning with everyone!