[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself

Hello Everyone!
I’m very glad to join this group again . My name is Enitha, Working as a Trainer in BVM Global school.
Also interested to be on site “Creative learning task”.

Hi everyone
I am Divya Bharathi,Working as a robotic trainer at Robotix Learning solutions.

Hola soy Serafin desde Panamá, trabajo en la secretaria de ciencia y tecnologia, con muchas expectativas de conocer esta metodología y sobre todo la comunidad que lo esta usando, estoy disponible para hacer proyectos en colaboración , bienvenidos tambien y que la pasemos bien…

Hi, my name is Tiago Portes, I was born in Minas Gerais, but I live in Brasilia today. I am a graphic designer and work in a publishing house in the area of education that seeks to develop its products integrating innovation and technology. This is the first time I take the course and I am also very enthusiastic about this opportunity. I wish a great course at all.

saludos … excelente

We are a group of teachers in Newfoundland, Canada, meeting every Tuesday for Tinkering and following it up with some Professional learning for ourselves!

Hi Rita!

I´m live in Governador Valadares City, Minas Gerais! Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

Hello the LCL Community.

Sorry for the late start. My name is Diana Kong and I am in California. I am looking forward to learning and collaborate with all of you in the next few weeks.


I am MIN from Taiwan.^^ I am a senior high school teacher. I want to learn active method .

Let see what will come out of this :slight_smile:

Thomas :wink:

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My name is Geneviève. My informal description I guess I would describe myself as someone who lives in an organized fashion of chaos. My more formal description is that I am an olympic athlete, a past grad student who examined aspects of Inuit learning in the Arctic, and a generally passionate Canadian observer of how people learn through creative ways.



Let see what will come out of this :slight_smile:

Thomas :wink:

Olá, bom dia. Sou Fabrício, brasileiro e tenho um filho de 07 anos extremamente criativo e estou tentado descobrir uma nova forma de se criar filhos de forma a não boicotar sua capacidade criativa.

Hi all. My name is Rana and I am a chemistry and biology teacher in Lebanon.
I am also the STEM and SAULE coordinator at La Cime school.I am really interested to know more about LCL and how to make learning funny and easy

Hi Everyone,
My name is Yesim Yazici, I am from Istanbul, Turkey. Working as a demand planning and customs compliance lead. I dont know much about the community, and while taking online leaders of learning course, I have received recommendation about. I would probably not much time to participate actively, but I will try to be part of it and try to keep up with learning pathway.


Hola Daniella,

Mi nombre es Isabelle y me he mudado recientemente a Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Me encanta haberte encontrado en este foro y solo pasaba para decirte que admiro mucho el trabajo que has hecho con Elemental. Me apasiona mucho la educación y considero que son necesarias nuevas y mejores metodologías de aprendizaje. Estoy considerando fundar un pre kinder sustentable (infraestructura, curriculum, etc.) con un sistema educativo finlandés y sería interesante hablar contigo en dado momento para intercambiar ideas.

Nuevamente felicidades por tu trabajo!

Isabelle LM

Hi there,
I’m Kim an entrepreneur from France. I founded Koa Koa, we do DIY kits for the 6 to 10 yo, where kids build their own toys to discover sciences, mechanics, art and develop their creative skills. You can check what we do here:
I just finished Mitchel Resnick’s Lifelong Kindergarten book and was deeply inspired. I’m looking forward to discover what initiatives the member of this community do to engage kids in creative learning experiences !