[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself


Hello! I´m Julia Pinheiro Andrade - JPA - mother of 2 beatifull girls (one of 4 and other of 11 years old) and passionate in education. I had been working with curriculum redesign and teacher professional devellopment on last 17 years on start ups, public and private schools and, now, on an ONG City Learning School. I´m worning on comprehensive or holistic educational public policies, specially on integrative ways of assessment as learning. I knew this course on 2015, but now, with a brazilian learning community organized around Catalisador Institute, I feel more engaged to participate! I love all 4Ps and I get used to work with all this 4 together. What is new for me is using digital technologies based on computer science, such scratch and arduino. But I want to learn how to use it! My first projetc will be about facebook algorithm! I´d like to create a simple experience on scratch of an algorithm and, than, generalize a analogy with how does facebook operate. :slight_smile:


A Letra P, entre tantos outros significados, pode ser de projetos, de paixão, de pares, de pensar brincando!
Difícil é optar por um desses significados. Todos adquirem sentido conforme o contexto.


Hello! I’m Kait and I’m an organizational learning-type person. Really excited to see what this course holds!


Hello everyone, my name is Sooraj Krishna. I have recently started my PhD in an exciting topic related to education and interactive agents in classroom. I will be working on the ANIMATAS project at ISIR , Sorbonne University, Paris.
Before coming here I used to work in development of virtual reality based skill training simulators and computational thinking and Makerskill training for school children. I was also involves in conducting HRI studies in rural indian villages to understand the perception and usability.

At the moment I am trying to learn various trends in pedagogy and educational psychology to design better solutions.
Let’s have fun and learn together !!


Better late than never! Hi - I am Thomas and I am working with some 4th grade teachers to design some lessons with their students using Scratch… Let see what will come out of this :slight_smile:

Thomas :wink:


Hi everyone, my name is David Chau. I’m a Design Strategist and cofounder of Prende Colaboratorio ( in Perú. We create an open innovation lab called “ReBoot Space” ( Here we are prototyping an educational program for adults for develop new mindsets for the future using design methods and I want to explore more of these creative learning to apply to our program.



This is TanakaJapan from Japan. I am much interested in creative leaning and hope that I can deploy it for adult’s life.


Hi ,
My name is Gautam,from India. Learning thing is my passion.I feel the theme of this LCL is superb. Hope to gain a lot from this


I’m Vijay from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India


Hi all,

I am Jochem Goedhals from Eindhoven. I call myself a educational designer, i started an incubator 2,5 years ago i our University of Applied Science. I learned a lot about design thinking, playful learning and lots of other stuff, i think it’s really important that we stick to the natural way of learning!

My dream is that even adults can learn like kids and have a lot of fun while they stay life long learners. I also see that education and working are to different worlds, it’s like we say that education prepare kids for the real world…BUT education is the real world.

I hope to learn more and get crazy good insights on this forum, at this moment we are building a academy for TEC education. This stands for Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity, we launch several programs in which students can learn on a playful way to be global citizen that makes a better world with future solutions based on global challenges. or are our sites


My name is Manuel Concepción.

My goal is to interact with other professionals to develop skills for teaching from non professionals to university professionals.

as i stand for (closing the gap between mind & time, Adapting science to our lifestyle).

Thanks for this opprtunity and for the developing of the education tool.

Hope i can contribute to this @lcl program.

Good luck.


Hello, I’m Fernando Crespo, and I begin to use scratch, I like that my student have a good experience with the computers…
Bye and Greetings,


Hello Everyone

My name is Will and I am a Chinese now working in Ghana for Central West Africa for Business Development.

I am excited to join this community which enable us, the lifelong learners, to share the brilliant ideas with each other and to grow with each other.

Hope all of us could have fun and make more friends here.




Hi all! I hope everything is okay on your end of the world. My name is Rim and I am so happy I found this site.


Hi! I am Nina, most people call me ikea because my Chinese name is 宜家.
I am happy to find this community, I love storytelling and related creativities activities. Looking forward to creating some project about it.




Hi guys,

I’m really excited to be here and can’t wait to learn and also offer value to this community. My name is alex shyaka and I live in Uganda, East Africa. I work as a curriculum developer at Andela( and I’m passionate about technology and especially computer programming.

I consider myself a lifelong student and a teacher of everything that I learn on a daily basis. I love the idea of this forum so I can get an insight on how other people learn and how I can learn from that.


Ciao, sono Stefano ed insegno alla Scuola Primaria.


Hello, I’m very glad to meet other educators. I’m teacher in Elementary School in Athens, Greece, in special education . My students usually have learning difficulties, specially in greek language and sometimes in maths. I like to use ICT tools that help a lot pupils.
Always, I need new ideas and modern methods for my class.


Olá! Estou conhecendo a comunidade agora, a partir de leituras realizadas sobre aprendizagem criativa realizadas no doutorado em Educação-Currículo na PUCSP.
Desenvolvo pesquisa voltada às novas tecnologias na formação de professores.