[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself


Hello, my name is Celeste and I’m an education and exhibits assistant at the Science Center of Iowa. I generally consider myself a pretty creative person but I’m always looking for ways to focus creativity to create meaningful or educational experiences.


Hi there,

My name is Debra Hernanz I am an EdTech TOSA (teacher on special assignment) :sunglasses: at Evergreen School District in Vancouver Washington in the USA. I work with seven schools in my district 5 Elementary, 1 Middle & 1 High School. I look forward to connecting and learning with the folks here at LCL.



My name is Anna and I am a future teacher in the areas of early childhood and special education.


My name is Taylor and I am a Senior Education Major at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma!
I have never been apart of something like this and am eager to learn some new things!
I am excited to be apart of this class!


Good Day all,
I am Catherine I live in Los Angeles and work as the Director of Innovation & Educational Technology at a Independent PreK-8th grade school. I am here because I took this course years ago and loved it. I am hoping to learn and grow more this time around as well. I hope to connect with people around the world and share my learning experience with my students. Thank you in advance for . your feedback and insights!
Let the learning begin!


My name is Emily. I am a senior at Oral Roberts University studying elementary education. I also have a concentration in early childhood. This is my first experience with lifelong kindergarten and I am excited to learn from it.


Hi, I am an education major at ORU.

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Hi Saskia! I live in San Francisco and the other organizers/leaders recommended that I reach out to you to organize a weekly meetup for this second round of the LCL course. Please let me know if you would be interested – :smiley:

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Hello everyone! My name is Elohim Guevara and I am from Zacatecas, Mexico. I consider me and experience integrator even though have a Bachelor in Marketing, because I like programming, neuroscience, digital art, create sound… Recently I launched a program in education that named brain restructuring where teaching how the brain and heart works to know hidden potential to learn better.


Hello, my name is Lisa and I work at a Shelter school. I have children who are in Trauma and need some opportunities to learn in a creative way. I have a different number of children each day and they can be in K-8. It is like teaching in a one room school house.


Hello everyone!
I am Tanjima. I am from Bangladesh, but currently working and residing in Pennsylvania. How to make learning the most exciting, fun and intuitive activity (I am very tempted to use the word ‘game’) - is something that I am fascinated about! In my work, I find me and my coworkers struggling to learn a new side of the application we are developing. So everytime I learn something I try to capture all my knowledge in a way that will reduce the struggle to learn that I had to go through - bringing better experience in learning! I am follower of projects in Lifelong Kindergarten and I am very excited to be a part of this community - I am looking forward to ideas and knowledge to enrich my work toward developing intuitive methods for learning! Cheers!


Hi people. I am here to learning many things to introduce in classroom.

see ya


I’m so exited to write here! This is my first time in international - on-line course!
So - I am a teacher and lecturer. My specialization is - children with Learning Disabilities.
In past three years I am also studding for second degree in open university of Israel.
In this days I Performing a thesis. My subject is:" Creative Computing as a Method of Teaching-Learning in Schools in the Eyes of Teachers: Designing Digital Games in Scratch Platform".

My discount is that learning by creating things is the best way of learning for my students (L.D.) and i getting Evidence for my discount from my work and my studies.

I will happy to discus this and new subjects in this course.


I invite you to play games, that my students created, on purpose to study categorization strategy (by MLE -Feuerstein method ). This games were created on “portelem” - web-site of “Holone Institute of Technology”.

Please go to this link: [] and insert to the pane number 10535 or 15680 - and enjoy from games that my students created last year. This is a lot of games, that my students created in this platform, but most of them in Hebrew.
Her is a short article , that i made after my research - in - action within we started to create on-line games (I’m sorry’ most of it in Hebrew, but part of in in English and i hope you will understand the idea [(].