[ARCHIVED: Round 1] Introduce Yourself


Hi , I’m Hoi from Tokyo, and I’m a member of Mistletoe, a Japanese social impact community. In particular, I am involved in projects related to edtech and startups working on new generation education.


Hello! I’m the principal of a public elementary school in a large, urban school district. I look forward to learning together with people from all over the world to improve the ways in which we foster creativity, play, joy and wonder into our schools.

Looking forward to it!


Hi This is Bao Wen, from Taipei, Taiwan. We are a Reggio-Emilia inspired early child education institute. Our mission is to create kids’ education for the creative age. We believe the future of education is children-centered and creativity-focused. We see education as an important way to help facilitate children’s rich expressions. We value every aspect of children’s uniqueness and appreciate their own stories above all.

Looking forward to the course!


Hello! My name is Murilo! I’m a Brazilian creative technologist but I am still figuring out what those three words mean :slight_smile: .

I’ve been in Sweden for a few years where I created and played with a lot of children through projects such as Kids Hack Day, Strawbees and Quirkbot. Currently I’m in London working at Kano Computing.

I feel everything that comes out of the Lifelong Kindergarten resonates a lot with me. I have been dreaming of approaching the group as a student for a while and LCL is a perfect opportunity for now!


Hi everyone!

9 people in my school (including myself) are reading the ‘Lifelong Kindergarten’ book together. We are using our readings and personal reflections, along with this course as a way of enriching our personal and collective group learning. Our 9-12 school is in the early stages of launching a strategic plan and we have been asked to consider the following three driving questions:

  1. What skills and attributes do students need to be successful in the future?
  2. How is the world changing?
  3. How might we prepare our students for the future?

Throughout the fall everyone on staff has been going out in groups to various businesses, start-ups, schools, universities, etc. to ask these questions. Our head of school recommended ‘Lifelong Kindergarten’ as something worthy of considering. So, here we are and here we grow!

If any other teams are out there working together to enrich their collaborative understanding of the LCL MOOC and/or the book, then please reach out and let us know how you are doing and what you might suggest that might enhance our experience.

My school is Lakefield College in Ontario, Canada.



My name is Tayler Morencie and I am a Visual Arts teacher at Lakefield College School in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. My colleagues and I are exploring the LCL course together while reading Lifelong Kindergarten with the hope that we will be able to apply our learning and discoveries to our own classrooms and school community.

Excited to start this course!


Hello LCL Learners!

I am Kerrie Hansler - a Law and History teacher at Lakefield College School. I am also a Director of Residences and work in our boarding community on residential curriculum.
I am excited to see how Lifelong Kindergarten will apply to my classroom and also the residential environment.


Hi, I’m Heather from Lakefield Ontario Canada, hoping to learn lots and add to my own creativity.


Hello everyone,

My name is Borana and I teach at Lakefield College School. As part of a small group of teachers exploring LCL and Lifelong Kindergarten at our school, I’m excited to get started!


Hello everyone,

I am Arunatpal Chanda (Arun) from India. I study Visual Communication at the National Institute of Design and love working with both tangible and digital mediums. I have been working lately with communities to develop games and toys around education with my understanding of design, coding and mathematics.

Even though I am a year late, I am excited to learn form the community here and find like minded people to solve and understand better how we can shape the education space for the coming age.

To creative storms and collective minds.
Arunatpal Chanda


Ciao a tutti, sono felice di essere qui! Mi chiamo Oriana, insegno in una scuola primaria da molti anni, 23!i primi bambini che ho avuto come alunni ora hanno 31 anni!! Ma io ho conservato l’entusiasmo di una bambina e lo trasmetto ancora a tutti con la stessa forza. Grazie di esistere!



My name is Charlie! I’m from Montreal, and I work at District 3 Innovation Hub in Concordia University.

I’m very passionate about what makes people curious, how we can make every person realize that they have massive learning potential, and the effects of communities and networks on individual learning.

If ever anyone is around the cold north up here, please come by! We’re always open.

I look forward to talking and meeting everyone here :slight_smile:



Hello!!! My name’s Maria and I’m an italian primari teacher. I’m interest of creativity, technology and steam activity! I am very happy to learn with you!!


Hello! I am a 1-2-3 muti-age teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
“People learn best when they are creating something” -Carmelo and Moran
I look forward to creating conversations and connections…


Hello! My name is Kim and i am a student teacher in the area of SPED.


Hello! My name is Maria and I am a student teacher in the areas of Early Childhood and Elementary.


Hi everyone, My name is Francisco.
I’m very glad to find such a great community for teachers and learners! Currently I’m teaching high school following the Accelerated Christian education program in Mexico and looking forward to meet new ways to encourage my students to be more poractive and more involved in their education.




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Hi All! I teach in an inner city junior high in Winnipeg, Canada and I look forward to learning new skills I can use in my classes.