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We are very excited to begin building this community together, so to get started, we encourage you to use this topic to introduce yourself and get to know other members.

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Welcome to the LCL Community
Hello world
Hi, My name is Ana Guzmán
Week 2 starts today!
Hello fellas
Hi, my name is Avital I am from Kiriyat Shemona - Israel
JPA welcome!
How can we help participants who don't feel comfortable with English?

Ok, I’ll start!!

My name is Carmelo, and I learn and play in the Lifelong Kindergarten group.
One of the most exciting projects I’ve been working on lately has been… this edition of LCL!
Along with an amazing group of people that you will meet soon!

I took LCL a few years ago when I was in Italy. And that changed my life: it made me discover and fall in love with the ideas behind Scratch, and it helped me to design better experiences for the children who were attending our free CoderDojo club in Bologna.

More importantly, LCL was an opportunity for me to connect with like-minded people in Italy and abroad, who really care about helping children, of all ages, develop as free and creative thinkers.

I’m really thrilled to be part of this learning journey, and I look forward to learn, share and be inspired by your projects and your ideas!

Happy creative learning, everyone!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Clint and I’m currently working at the International School of Beijing as the Educational Technology Coordinator. Part of my responsibilities is to help integrate design and design thinking into our K-12 curriculum and I’m looking forward to thinking deeply about how play and creative learning can help influence this!


Hi, I’m Alicia! I worka as freelance journalist for cultural magazines and I would like to know if creative learning can help me with a researching for a book.


Hi, my name is Nabil. Currently, I teach at a kindergarten and I am interested in this topic because it helps me explore different ways to empower future generations. I have a science background which I would like to use in my “class”.


Hi Carmelo, and hello everyone!
I’m very glad to join this group to meet new ideas and get in touch
with other learning-teaching professionals, and to catch the opportunity I was looking for
from quite a long time: go deeper in the knowledge of Papert studies and LKGG work.
I’m a Montessori teacher, father, coderdojo champion and passionate about technological fluencies …
so happy that I found Montessori in the excerpts you suggested from ‘Mindstorms’.
I look forward to start this adventure.
I hope we’ll all have good time to spend together.
ps: if my english could be not so good, excuse me in advance and feel comfortable in correcting me


Hello everybody!

My name is Ana and I work as a product designer but am also involved in some projects related to promoting STEAM in primary schools.


Good Morning Everyone!

My name is Amber Reilly and I am an instructional technology coach in several schools in NY. I look forward to learning and interacting with everyone here!



My name is Jason, I’m a parent and a staff member at a Sudbury model democratic free school in Pittsburgh.

I’m interested in how play, freedom, and creativity connect around learning.


Hi there,

Lovely being here and meeting likeminded educators from all over the world! I teach and develop educational art projects in and out-of-school settings, inspired by technology and technological artists. Looking forward to sharing and reading stories.

Marlijn Gelsing


nice to meet you!
I am Manuel a researcher from the National Research Council of Italy (CNR).
I work at the Institute for EducationalTechnologies in Palermo, and my main research interests concern the definition of methodologies and environments to support learning.
Actually, I am focusing the application of the social practice theory in the educational field, specifically as an approach to design serious games to train social skills.


Hi everyone! My name is Yvonne Clark and I am a Campus Technology Specialist at a high school in Texas.


Hi Carmelo and hello to all the participants in this MOOC. I am very glad that this course has been started online. Last summer I bought the Kindle of the Learning Creative book and I’m very passionate about it. I am a professor of science and math at the middle grade of secondary school and I am firmly convinced that in all subjects taught at school must be connected creativity otherwise learning remains sterile


Hi everyone! I’m a Partner at Transcend, a US-based nonprofit accelerating innovation in the core design of “school.” I’m also the parent to two kids under 4 so I look forward to learning that informs both my professional and personal life.



Tricia here, I teach Computer Science and I always try to improve, I am hoping I can learn to be more creative in my teaching.


Hello Everyone!
I am Sandra Ospina, STEAM coordinator at a school In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Hoping to develop skills that I can transfer to the rest of the school.


Hi, im Pedram. I’m a software developer from Cambridge UK. I work for the Language Centre at the University of Cambridge.


Hello all!

I’m Sean and I’m a member of the LCL team based in Cambridge, MA. Before I came here, I taught computer science and did academic technology work at a high school in Minneapolis, MN. I’m really excited to meet everyone, connect with educators all over the world, and learn with and from all of you!

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Hi all!
My name is Vanessa Miller and I’m a Digital Arts Teacher and Technology Integrator at a independent K-8 school in NYC. I’m excited to explore more playful arenas with using technology!


Salve a tutti,
sono Barbara, insegnante di scuola primaria e Champion del Coderdojo Recanati (Italia). Spero di imparare molto da tutti voi…non sono molto creativa,spero di migliorarmi…Un saluto e buon inizio!!!:smiley: