[Activity 3] Animate an Interest


Thanks for sharing your reflections on the process, it’s great to hear about how it’s going! What kinds of things do you find yourself looking for (and not finding)?

  1. Love the favorite things tutorial. Had the opportunity to try this project out as a collaboration with another LCL peer in the last class and we produced this project:
    I welcome anyone to remix the project and add their own favorite things too :slight_smile:

  2. Most recently, I’m learning how to create a maze game and thanks to the great project examples on the scratch community including some awesome tutorials on how to make a maze game, I started one. A work in progress but such a “hard fun” process that generates new ideas as I continue to iterate and solve problems along the way. My 4 year old daughter even helped me think of some cool sound effects to add to the game.


I thought I would include some of my favorite apps for creatives:

This time around, Scratch is getting easier to express with. I do wish that the graphics editor followed more the interaction conventions of industry standard graphics apps (nit-picky). Overall, being won over = )


Hello. I animated my interests. I hope my twin daughter can swim without a rhythm.