[Activity 3] Animate an Interest


@Sadaf_Zohra yes, you can go to and click “Create” and you are already started! Look up the tutorials shared above!


Last week I completed the Make it Fly tutorial, so I remixed this project to make the original sprite an airplane. My passion is traveling to destinations where I can enjoy nature. Press the spacebar to arrive at your destination. :slight_smile:
Let’s Fly Somewhere!26%20AM



OOh, so pretty. I am now very reluctant to post my work… :slight_smile:
Very nicely done!


I took a different approach to Scratch this time, and told myself I wouldn’t look at any of the tutorials. I wanted to experience the platform “freely”, without following a guide. I thought this might be beneficial to my own course design work, as I often struggle with the question of “just how much” support to build in for my online learners. It’s a complex question, with no easy answers (I think).

I also set a timer for 15 minutes, since I really shouldn’t be doing this right now…

This is what I ended up with (12 minutes of work on the platform, 3 minutes to write and post this entry):


PS - This was more fun, and more rewarding, without the tutorial. Interesting….


Describe your experience: I signed up for the course last time it ran. When I came to the activity on Passion, I decided that I wasn’t fluent enough in Scratch to do justice to a subject I’m passionate about, so I planned an alternative activity. Which I never completed.

A week or two ago, I was working on an assignment for another MOOC and produced this instead:

And a year or so ago I made this Scratch project which also expresses some of my passions:

I look forward to picking the course back up and perhaps completing it this time!


Here is my experience where I relate a geometric shape with a sound of a piano note :slight_smile:


Travel makes life adventurous…


I started to make something about chain mail (which I make as a hobby) but then was thinking for work about how best to teach a biology concept that was not working easily for my students. It’s a concept I like a lot: evolutionary relatedness. The idea of gamifying this was so much more interesting to me that I dropped my other idea. I really do like my job more than other things!

I made a card game to practice looking at some standard biological classification levels (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species). I also wanted to make it a game I could play in my classroom, so I decided to make it paper instead of electronic.

You flip 3 cards at a time from a stack. The cards each have an organism picture and its levels of biological classification. Players try to see which 2 are the most closely related and be the first to touch the 2 and call out the classification level shared. If you’re right, you capture the cards. If not, you lose a card.

cards at this link

Slides to teach students how to play (in case you want to) at this link

I’m trying the game tomorrow, after laminating and cutting out 16 sets of 32 cards!


Hi, here is my project about animation, I call it MAKE IT fLY - Hombre Par!

Ojalá yo hubiese tenido esta clase de herramientas para crear juegos cuando niño, bueno a decir verdad tuve MIS propias herramientas utilizando BASIC o Pascal… que buenos tiempos.


Yours is terrific! I’m so glad to ‘have’ the keys to the world.


I made this stop motion video a couple months ago using stop-motion but it also illustrated one of my passions which is learning about indigenous Mexican groups and beliefs.

Stop motion can be done from any phone or device, just make sure it is capable of have storing space. Any digital camera works, I used imovie to put together this project but if there are no resources available it is also fun to do a small motion picture book by teaching them to use tracing paper in calibrating the next figure’s movement. Stop motion is so much fun and is an easy project to engage any kid, encouraging stop motion through magazine cut-outs, molded clay, drawings or props etc. having WIDE WALLS wink in consideration of the how a stop motion of their own interest can manifest :slight_smile:


Que padre juego, estuve alli jorobada jugando este juego como una pequena por un rato, gracias por el juego :slight_smile:


let us know how it went ! :slight_smile:


what do you do in the hobbit and ring scene I got stuck :frowning:


Here is my very basic version of the Animate an Interest project about my interests.

I found the process to actually take me a lot longer than I had initially expected it to. I suppose like anything, it takes time to learn and get used to. Again, I think I was looking for things that I had envisioned in my head and whether it’s a matter of me not knowing the program well enough or not spending enough time searching for effects, I’m not sure. But overall, I feel like I am slowly learning how to use Scratch.


Hi all,
I have mentioned a few things that am interested in.


I have a passion for being in nature, going camping and hiking. This animation is inspired by our dog “Pico” who likes to walk and chase creatures up trees. I started working on the project with the idea of moving a person with a dog walking on a horizontal path. As I discovered how to use more scripts, I decided to challenge myself and use a vanishing perspective. It took more time than I had planned using a more linear progression. The final result is a little more fun -like a walk in the woods.


I like how you are experimenting with approaches to Scratch! How come it was more fun this time, do you think?


Beautiful! I love this project!I agree that there are wide walls here! :slight_smile: