[Activity 3] Animate an Interest


Welcome to week 3 activity!

This week, we encourage you to make a Scratch project about something that interests you.

It can be about anything—a sport or hobby that you enjoy, a book, movie, or music that you like, a person, place, or animal you care about… or anything else you choose!

The project format is also open—an interactive story, animation, game, or any other type of project.

Here are some suggestions for getting started:

  • Try the Favorite Things tutorial
  • Visit the Tips page on Scratch for more tutorials and activity cards
  • Use the Search tool on Scratch to find related projects for inspiration

Activity steps

  1. Make your Scratch project - it can be very simple!
  2. Share your project on the Scratch website and share the link in the forum (and in the LCL online studio)
  3. Describe your experience of creating a project based on your interest

Need help with Scratch?
Use the Scratch topic to share resources, ask questions, and support each other!

Other options
If you prefer, you can share your interest using different materials and media other than Scratch, like a picture, a gif, or a short video.

Looking forward to trying your projects, and hearing about your experiences!

A version of this post is also available in Italiano, Português, Español, 日本語 (Japanese), עברית (Hebrew)

Fish Catch Game

Saludos a todos:

Gusto compartir mi proyecto a un lo estoy mejorando, este fue uno de los utilice para unos talleres de verano para un grupo de chicos y todos al final lo realizaron de manera correcta.

Aun pendiente algunos ajustes …


It’s so cute and I think the panda should be smaller to go right.


Scratch that Boulder Problem

I have been rock climbing and bouldering a lot for the past 3 months, so I made a bouldering game. I had to set myself a timer because I would have spent all day refining it. Like Mitch was saying about making activities that allow kids to get wrapped up, I could feel more questions and curiosity bubbling up. When I go to work on it I want to change the route setting script so that It always makes problems that are possible. Feedback is more than welcome.


Hi here is my very basic passion project. I love flowers. Going back to have another play with scratch and try to learn more.



Can I start now? I am not understanding what is the procedure and where do I start.


I hope you like my project


Hi all
Today i have shared my interest ,and animated in scratch


Hi all
I shared my interest in scratch.


Hello Enitha.K,
I would love to take a look at your project … but I can’t see it. the URL looks good. Did you make sure to ‘Share’ it? After you log in and save your project, you’ll find the button on the editing page, top right corner. 17%20AM


In Scratch, I made a simulation of an analogue radio. Originally I was going to connect this to two rotary dials on a Picoboard, but trying to do it all programmatically instead was a fun challenge. It’s a little bit difficult to tune. I would love suggestions on how to improve it!


Hi guys,

This is personal project I’m really passionate about, as I made for a big event we made 2 years ago called “Scratch Oscar”, involving dozens of students from Brazilian schools, back in 2015 :slight_smile:



I love my job! I teach students aged 11 and 12. I like to get them to read in the school park when the weather is nice in summer.


Hi ppl
colors are always a bliss to the eyes


Hi all,
Sports helps us to confront our weakness & make them into our strength.


I continued to work on my Animate Your Name project for my passion project because … I am passionate about Scratch, I am passionate about on-boarding students to CS concepts through the Scratch platform, and I am currently struggling through the hard fun of creating digital graphics which I had to do to make acorns and a huge oak tree.


I wanted to make a project that’s related to music. And I play double bass.

I spent way too much time on it because it was fun to make this one! And, as a non-professional coder I did what I often do - just started making the program and re-did many parts after I noticed I was repeating code… But it didn’t matter, I got really into it and the program turned out nice, I’m happy with the outcome.


I resend my link for your reference.


Hi Everyone,

Happy to share my animated interest. Hope you all like it.


haha I love this, yes, panda could be a bit smaller because… it’s hard!! :slight_smile: