[Activity 2] Animate a Name


Cool project! I like how the pattern looks woven, and how it relates to the background (and the rainbows!). I’d be curious to hear more about your experience with the “get it right” mindset - how do you help yourself get past that? How would you help a learner/youth take risks?


I have a very hard time getting past it; I often review and re-learn and re-read things until I am very comfortable with the concepts.

I think it’s much easier for me to help someone else get past it than to get past it myself, haha! I tutor and mentor people often and I break concepts down in different ways until they understand it enough that they can use it in whatever they are creating or working on.


Thank you!

I have some soccer players in my class. My students have team spirit! :slight_smile:


thank you



Here is my animated name:
This experience was interesting. I found that it did get easier once I made my first letter. Enjoy!


It was humbling. I looked to youtube for inspiration and found many youth masters of Scratch. Yet it took me some time before I became comfortable articulating and building my animation with this development environment.

The interface reminds me of Bret Victor’s prototypes ( and software frameworks such as Processing ( In fact, Processing was the first code environment I ever used-- aside from the visual programming of Grasshopper in Rhino 3D.


Quite late, but catching up! Felt like wandering around in a dark room for a while, but finally got some things to do things.


Bravo! I didn’t know about this technique. I remixed it and will take the time this week to tinker with your code.


I started this months ago, back on the LCL bandwagon. Here is my finished product.


Here is my Animated name!

I love this tool! I think it could make some greta interactive elements for learning purposes and I’m interested to learn more about its applications.


Made on my son’s account. I think he’ll be confused at first but then he’ll make his own. :slight_smile:


I referred to the title credit of my favorite movie.


Hi everyone, I had 2 different effects in mind for animating my name – fancy “scrapbook” style letters from the internet and a scribbling Scratch cat – and here’s the result.


I started simple, first gathering my letters and making them the right sizes, then started coding the “scribbling”. I started quick-and-dirty and had to figure out how to achieve the “fade” effect and have it reset each time (Ghost and Show/Hide are new to me!).

Then I kept finding I was repeating myself for each letter. I tried to make things more efficient by copy/pasting common chunks from sprite to sprite, or turning repeated sequences into “more blocks.” I went back and forth, refining & rebuilding parts of it a lot of times. It was really time-consuming!

In the end I know there’s more I could do to make my code more efficient or elegant (from a programming perspective), or make the overall effect a little better, but this gets across the idea I was looking for. Good enough, and fun to make. :slight_smile:


I love how you described your creative process! Cool to hear how you tinkered with different approaches for creating the code for each sprite.


Segue o meu projeto:

É possível trabalhar com este desafio, anime o seu nome, com alunos de todas as idades. Acredito que especialmente os menores devem adorar.


Hello @Cleusa_Reuter ! I can’t see your project, I think the link is not working? Looking forward to seeing it!


Boa tarde, achei que eu tinha compartilhado.
Agora vai dar certo.


HI All,
Here is my scratch animate a name project
Animated Dunedoo


Hello, this is my project